under the snow

Short or oblique, I seldom question the value of trying to capture a journal entry with a photo each day. Even when I don’t succeed in posting, there’s usually a folder of images floating around.

For the most part, there is some rudimentary organization: a date, a named folder. But I long for some system where it forces me to tag images as they’re being transferred from camera to computer.

A notion: images appear as a slideshow and one could say descriptive words (out loud). These words would be translated on screen to be checked off for additional images that match the criteria in the batch. Gravy? Everything could be done with keyboard commands and little typing.

All this gestural, talking computing is near enough I figure.

Already it’s pretty awesome to do quick searches across almost 6 years of photos and see what comes up, like:

Photos Photos of trains on my hard drive

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fed the meter

I went to the camera shop too soon. The prints weren’t ready this morning. That meant I would have to wait all day until after work to pick them up.

When I finally did get them, I went right to the car and tore into the envelopes.

I had been fearing ever since drop-off that things would go sour. There would be some light leak. My exposures would be off. This Canon AE-1 hadn’t been used since the 90’s, when I took that photography course in college and did angsty things like take photos of my head in a box (warning, no beard).

To my surprise, every single shot came out exposed properly. Not everything was in focus, but I’m blaming my glasses and shallow depth of field. I’m not sure where film fits into things, but it was great to get invigorated and try and find ways to finish out a roll.

What I ended up with is a good representation of my day-to-day life in the winter months: Dan, Tom and Wendy, some food, my car, work stuff, and a little bit of this and that.

PhotosThe Canon AE-1 set

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A dozen days into 08

Photos I intended to post separately

The year is off and running (fast) and I still feel like 2007 did not receive proper reflection. I’m determined to cobble together a gallery of favorite photos from last year, but for now, moving forward takes precedence.

I’ve been trying to make more photos with people of late. It’s still a mixed bag of candid and posed.

Zoom in on any of ’em here:

PhotosRecent photos on Flickr.

And now, I’m off to a holiday dinner for the studio. Better late than not at all.

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cross processing

in van, not down by the rive

This week was jam packed. Moving closer to launch on a big project, juggling other bits, and sleeping like a log when the midnight oil runs out.

All this activity is giving me excuse to avoid making a dentist appointment. It’s becoming dire. At least I got the bushy beard whacked and hairs trimmed earlier in the week.

Today, I did pretty much nothing but shop for toilet paper and then move a stylus around while sitting on the sunny porch. I napped too. It was awesome.

So now I’m sitting on the couch waiting for Dan to get finished with recital practice and a wedding gig. Poked around some features of Photoshop I’ve never used. One of which is the curves feature that mimics cross processing.

One thing led to another and I decided to clear off some photos hoggin’ up my drive. Photos I deemed positively so-so.

PhotosHere they are (only a couple got the fancy filtered treatment)

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Random photos, June–Sept

None of this has anything to do with a turtle

I’m up oddly early so I figured I’d flip around the good morning “news” shows.

Apparently today is all about Halo 3 and not real wars.

I begrudgingly shrug and visualize positive futures because I just saw The Secret this weekend and if I really wanted world peace or an XBOX 360, all I have to do is think about it extra hard. And feel it.

I should mention I’m fine with waking up too early on perhaps the wrong side of the bed. A healthy dose of cynicism is the perfect companion to a sunny outlook.

So to brighten my spirits and tackle something easy from the to-do list, I muted the tube and pulled together orphaned photos that never got journaled.

These are the ones that got bumped off the priority list as days got hectic.

Photos Random pictures, June–Septemer 2007

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Enjoying the water and weather

Dan’s birthday turned out real nice up north at his sister’s place. Got there mid-afternoon and spent the next 10 hours enjoying the land, pool, sky, cold drinks, four-wheelin, food and family. He’s the youngest of 14—even if a third show up it’s a party.

PhotosA handful of photos here, and a few video snippets:

070707 from glass and Vimeo.

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Fruit snacks and a new camera

Cub Foods, Dayton, OH [ + zoom ]

I’m blaming Flintstones vitamins for the explosion in the “fruit” snack section of the grocery.

In other news, I got a small camera to lighten my load AND record video to boot. This will make stealthy shots, like the one above, less a headache.

So far, I would have opted for the image stabilization if it was cheaper, but otherwise, quite happy with the Canon PowerShot SD750

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15 random photos and 2 questions

Starts with wheels, ends with wheels

I’m clearing out any photo I have in the 2007 journal folder that doesn’t have a home. You’ll note they are devoid of humans. I try to post pictures of people on the rare occasion they happen.

Photos15 photos that did not get lost in the shuffle

Now, the questions.

1. Do you love your web hosting company?

I need a new web host for my personal site and a handful of friends’ domains. I’ve got one to consider, but I’m curious if anyone has strong opinions about their experience.

Requirements: multiple domains, email, MySQL, PHP, lots of space and bandwidth, preferably a control panel interface for everything

2. What (small) device records audio well?

Dan wants something to record rehearsals, practice, and a performance here and there(classical, brass). Final output might be for playing at home or sharing on the web. Currently looking at the Zoom H4.

Now that MiniDisc players are gone, what’s left? I know someone who uses a mic on an iPod that’s happy with using it for voice recording, just curious if there is something else out there.

Insight for either question extremely appreciated. Comment or drop a line

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Favorite photos from 2006

62 in all I believe

Another year goes by filled with family, friends, grub, a bit of travel, objects and flowers.

It only took me two months to select a few, find the originals and post them in this gallery.

I look at the set realizing I’ve missed some good ones and included some snapshots that might have been best left on the virtual cutting room floor. I also consider things I’d like to incorporate more in 2007: I think some beach shots would be nice. And more people. Never enough people.

PhotosSTART with the first, or View Thumbnails

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Even Rocky had a montage

No fog today—in fact, there was lots of nice light and blue skies.

I got to ride around in the passenger seat as a list of tasks were accomplished.

A quick stop at the record store, sandwiches to go, and it was back to the studio for an afternoon of more checkmarks off the list.

One big checkmark has four wheels and a horn, but I’m not jinxing anything until I have keys in my hand. Fingers crossed that’s tomorrow night.

Until then: PhotosThe above photos, separated

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