pocket change, and a bunch of photos

Yes, there are still arcades

Great weekend. And this, beside the really craptacular weather we’re experiencing. I will admit a soft spot for gray rainy days. Makes staying in and tackling tasks all the easier (though there were some trips to prevent the doldrums).

The tree is down and the ornaments are packed and stored.

Tucked in my shirt and had a nice dinner downtown.

Went to the mall and didn’t buy much of anything, but got some good cardio and people watching under the belt. And I hope when I become a future mall walker of America, there will still be arcades like the one I snapped above. But whoa they gotta get something in there to compete with home consoles.

The big check off the list however, was catching up on photo sifting. So if you’re really bored, you can now see:

Too many shots from the So You Think You Can Dance Tour back in September.

or more photos from New Years Eve.

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2 responses to “pocket change, and a bunch of photos”

  1. CrioKnight Avatar

    I don’t want to get poetic or wax on the loss of loves past but I saw that photo of the arcade and began to remember the feelings that those crappy pink neon lights would inculcate within me everytime I walked under them towards the change machine with a five dollar bill that I had straightened the whole walk over to the arcade. Then having to struggle to get the 20 quarters out of the bowl on the change machine as I tried to scoop them all in one shot and into my hoody’s pocket. The awesome feeling of ducing to step into one of those standup booths such as BattleZone or the Tron Deadly Discs machine. Those feelings and emotions just aren’t conjured up anymore. Not on a console, not on my PC with headphones, not at GameWorks, not at Dave and Busters, the planet has been sucked out of the feeling of amazement and awe as we used to walk into these arcades. I hear that arcades are still big in Japan and mainland Asia. PC centers for gaming are a fun evening out on a Saturday night for kiddies over there. Thanks for reminding me how much I miss Jungle Hunter, Centipede and the old Galaga machine.
    /me runs to his MAME emulator.
    Very few of us have these memories. Again as usual Chris, nice to find someone that I can share this with. 🙂

  2. Chris G Avatar

    My pleasure Crio…
    My view of arcade was always this place where the really cool kids used to hang out at the mall on weekends. As much as I loved playing, I wasn’t very good, or intimidating, so I would peek inside, but never spend very long.