2 duds + random photos

If you can’t read the Post-Its®, the text is below

Dear Bughouse –

Sorry these 2 movies (Wedding Crashers & Dukes of Hazzard) are late.

I will pay the fees, but in the future — if anyone is upset these movies are NOT available, please inform them that both movies are terrible anyway.

I’m embarrassed I even rented them, but Bubble was checked out.

On a different note, there’ve been lots of photos that haven’t found a home yet:

PhotosLeftovers (so far) in February

This is not my beautiful car

You scream and you holler about my Chevy Impala
But the sweat is getting wet around the ring around your collar
– Beastie Boys

Hard to keep up with everything.

2006 is starting off at a quick clip it seems.

I’ve finally gone grocery shopping. Now I’d like a blizzard and school to be canceled.

Not that I’m in school.

PhotosLeftover photos that didn’t get posted this month


Too far?

On the left, the un-retouched photo of the snow covered trees through window.

On the right, (a crop of ) the version I posted, modified with these adjustments:

1. Shadow and hilights: dark parts brightened, light parts darked
2. Lens correction: perspective and curvature
3. Background stretched: to fit into format (keeping integrity of window proportions)
4. Slight rotation

I don’t feel too much guilt about this, but there is some. I don’t go this far very often. A goal is certianly to improve my process to minimize or eliminate “fiddlin.”

For the web, for different monitors, and for the aspect ratio, I think the adjustments work okay. It’s also an experiment, understanding the tools available.

But there’s something about the original that seems to be lost.

favorites from 2004

65 clicks this time

I truly enjoyed going back through photos from 2005. So much in fact, that I thought I’d go back through the previous year. I already had the templates and actions set in Photoshop so it was a simple workflow.

Some interesting things happened, comparing the years. I apparently have an obsession with call buttons on airplanes (I spared including those), and I have a thing for standing behind folks when they’re preparing food.

I also snapped a number of self-portraits in ’04 (rare these days). Many are included (one embarrassing), and a handful taken by other folks.

Seems that I took more photos of people in general, an area I’d like to strengthen in ’06.

Lots of emotions here, a few sad, but for the most part it was a year with many fond memories.

Favorite photos from 2004


5 bucks a piece

I fought hard to get a photo of the little fella selling these figures alongside bonsai trees on the side of the road. His english broken, he kindly declined a portrait. I wondered what he was hiding from…

I bought a 3 year old tree anyway.

Ford Rust

No plastic bumper

I’m always curious how today’s automobiles will degrade. I’m guessing it won’t be with this much integrity.

A bigger view

Skipped photos

Well, 20 of them at least…

In between my laptop’s second hinge breaking (which held up the display), some pokes and prods from doctors, and trying to stay on top of work responsibilities—I really have been taking photos pretty much daily. Carving out time to post however, has been slim. So I’ll just put all these out there and maybe one day go back and fill in the blanks with a bit more detail.

Photos20 shots

Manual focus

Depth of field

I (always) forget how major a variable weather can be on mood. The oppressive heat is gone for now, and in its place were big fluffy clouds and a fine breeze—bordering on gusts.

I went up north to haul some lumber and turn it into a sliding door. While waiting for my friend to show up for duty, I walked to the edge of a hayfield and just watched it moving in the wind.

I don’t think I’ve ever written about the replacement camera from when I lost the Sony. Somewhere in the middle of February I picked up a Canon 20D with standard lens.

It’s changed the way I’ve taken photos a little. Foremost, it’s more conspicuous. Which usually is not beneficial, but in some cases, folks assume you are doing it for a purpose and seem less bothered.

I’m just now getting comfortable with it—using manual settings more than the standard “P” (automatic) mode.

So as I sat there surrounded by hay, squinting in the viewfinder through the lens, it felt pretty good. Maybe the breeze lifted some of the heaviness that’s been stickin’ round. Of course, if it’s humid as all get-out tomorrow, all bets are off.