Even Rocky had a montage

No fog today—in fact, there was lots of nice light and blue skies.

I got to ride around in the passenger seat as a list of tasks were accomplished.

A quick stop at the record store, sandwiches to go, and it was back to the studio for an afternoon of more checkmarks off the list.

One big checkmark has four wheels and a horn, but I’m not jinxing anything until I have keys in my hand. Fingers crossed that’s tomorrow night.

Until then: PhotosThe above photos, separated

Current music: The Grates “Inside Outside”

2 responses to “hextych”

  1. tami jo Avatar

    I always love coming to your site and getting nostalgic over your photos, Cincinnati being my “home” for 35 years.
    My heart is in Ohio…

  2. angie Avatar

    hey, chris. love the hextych! enjoy your weekend.