granny smith portraiture

Ever since I read this article about how to make a mini light studio, I’ve been hankering to break out the utility knife.

All the materials fell into place today, coupled with a need to make photos of apples and other fruits that go down the alphabet. A remote firing flash would’ve been ideal, but this set-up worked fine.

Mental note: the housing of the light gets really, really hot. Do not adjust with bare hands after it has been on a while.

Strobist is a great photography resource by the way, yet if you’re feeling more adventurous, this DIY lightbox is pretty excellent as well. If you want post processing tips, this is a fine read.

4 responses to “apples”

  1. Kevin Avatar

    There is a great article in MAKE magazine a few months back regarding DIY remote flash triggers.
    I’ll dig it out for ya.

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    Cool Kevin. Thanks!
    I’ll ask my bud where he keeps his back-issues to boot.
    I’ve done SOME research on flash triggers, but they seem costly for Canon set-ups. Another reason where I wish’d I would’ve looked closer into Nikons (which seem to support it out of the box on lower end models).

  3. duane Avatar

    I think I may be building a light box this weekend…

  4. Matt Avatar

    Great link. I don’t even have a camera currently, and I think I’ll build one! Chris, you link to some of the most fascinating topics. (That colour palette generator is very useful.)
    And I love the photography too.