I think this is a poster for something like a Glade plugin

Mall trip.

Dan requires a suit and I needed to return some hats that looked ridiculous.

He got measured and stuff, while I wandered around experiencing all the smells that fill the Dayton Mall.

Airbrush paint, the leather of a Dora the Explorer bomber-style jacket, the distinct odor that is Old Navy, heavy cologne minus the Axe effect, poly-cotton blends that hint of new car, pretzels, bubblegum, shoes, rubbing alcohol and sweaty vinyl around the weird tanning-booth-like massage table with high powered water nozzles, and more airbrush paint.

A smorgasbord of Golden Corral proportions.

Some photos to help the visual senses.

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The trusty Canon

After downloading photos, I remarked to a friend this week, “I’ve taken a thousand photos with this camera.” and I didn’t think much of it.

Later I realized while backing up my hard drive, it wasn’t a thousand… it was ten thousand. Which makes more sense as I got the Canon 20D in February of 2005. Fitting, the 10,000th photo is of a Christmas gift I shall cherish for a long time.

And though I don’t have a lens cap, camera strap, or even store the thing properly, it’s been a trooper through many days and memories. (knocking on wood)

In commemoration (and preparation for selecting favorites from 2006), I’ve revamped the photo page on my website. It’s a subtle shift, reorganizing albums by date instead of willy-nilly. I’ve also put everything into sorted directories. While not visible, this greatly helps navigating the mess behind the scenes.

So check it out:

If you find any dead links or wonkiness, comments appreciated.

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pocket change, and a bunch of photos

Yes, there are still arcades

Great weekend. And this, beside the really craptacular weather we’re experiencing. I will admit a soft spot for gray rainy days. Makes staying in and tackling tasks all the easier (though there were some trips to prevent the doldrums).

The tree is down and the ornaments are packed and stored.

Tucked in my shirt and had a nice dinner downtown.

Went to the mall and didn’t buy much of anything, but got some good cardio and people watching under the belt. And I hope when I become a future mall walker of America, there will still be arcades like the one I snapped above. But whoa they gotta get something in there to compete with home consoles.

The big check off the list however, was catching up on photo sifting. So if you’re really bored, you can now see:

Too many shots from the So You Think You Can Dance Tour back in September.

or more photos from New Years Eve.

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granny smith portraiture

Ever since I read this article about how to make a mini light studio, I’ve been hankering to break out the utility knife.

All the materials fell into place today, coupled with a need to make photos of apples and other fruits that go down the alphabet. A remote firing flash would’ve been ideal, but this set-up worked fine.

Mental note: the housing of the light gets really, really hot. Do not adjust with bare hands after it has been on a while.

Strobist is a great photography resource by the way, yet if you’re feeling more adventurous, this DIY lightbox is pretty excellent as well. If you want post processing tips, this is a fine read.

checked off

MJ from The Young Republic tickles the keys

Today marked a formidable check off my list of things to do: post photos from past Lounge Acts. There were over 1400, and though I feel okay about the process of selecting and correcting, it’s not ideal.

The current process?
– Store everything in folders organized by date
– Open all photos from a particular folder in Preview
– Select and drag images that look promising to Photoshop
– Review at large resolution, close out duds, and for the good ones…
– Correct levels if needed, and use an action to resize, sharpen, add logo, save for web

It leaves lots to be desired, but it’s what works for me. I’m curious what process works for other folks sorting through a pile of digital photos.


Cramming the days together

It’s almost the weekend again and I’ve not caught up from the last one.

PhotosSome extra photos from St. Louis

In other news:

Work continues to be a combination of tending to existing projects and finding time to work on the big to-do list of new things.

Having the TV without any sort of broadcast signal has been super helpful to that regard.

I can’t breathe through my nostrils and although this is not the worst thing that could happen, it certainly is annoying.

So many folks getting married or having babies. A good friend called to say she stopped drinking, and immediately I knew she was pregnant. Both (future) parents are really awesome people and I’m thrilled.

I was hoping for more excitement from E3 announcements, but more than anything, I just vacillate between being over and underwhelmed. I’ll admit I’m a Nintendo fanboy, but waving a controller in the air sorta freaks me out.

A highlight of the week was renting The Family Stone from the videostore up the street. It was free because I’ve rented so many movies. The downfall? It was a flimsy shod of a movie. Two thumbs down, minus 3.5 stars.

grab bag

Pictures that I never got around to posting this month

I’ll sort through photos almost daily and corral a few for cropping. Perhaps the shot seems reasonably good or related to a major event (and by major I mean there’s a new flavor of Pop Tart). Some are just downright bad or predictable, but I keep them around to hold on to some semblance of the day.

They invariably turn up in these grab bag posts, and though there are great stories around each — I’m not so good at telling them, and taxes are due soon.

I think I need an extension*.

PhotosRandom photos from April (so far)

* Not for my hair


…a print, my bald spot, and an aversion to ironing clothes

So I’m looking at a sample print of a photograph. It’s big – roughly 30″ wide, and printed on canvas for that extra special Kinkade effect. The image looks better on photographic paper, but the canvas has potential… for something…

It’s such a freaky joy to see tactile results from digital media, that I run to record the moment with a timed snapshot.

Now I see the bald spot I’ve never seen before. I see the effect of not using an iron for my clothes.

Deep down I know this is cause for wrinkle-free fabrics – not concern.

We’ll see what shakes loose with all of this.

I should mention, this image is one I’ve never posted. It is a favorite from a cocktail party I covered for my first professional gig this past January.

Quite happenstance really — a great blend of subject, location, and bounce flash.

Girl at the stairs