The trusty Canon

After downloading photos, I remarked to a friend this week, “I’ve taken a thousand photos with this camera.” and I didn’t think much of it.

Later I realized while backing up my hard drive, it wasn’t a thousand… it was ten thousand. Which makes more sense as I got the Canon 20D in February of 2005. Fitting, the 10,000th photo is of a Christmas gift I shall cherish for a long time.

And though I don’t have a lens cap, camera strap, or even store the thing properly, it’s been a trooper through many days and memories. (knocking on wood)

In commemoration (and preparation for selecting favorites from 2006), I’ve revamped the photo page on my website. It’s a subtle shift, reorganizing albums by date instead of willy-nilly. I’ve also put everything into sorted directories. While not visible, this greatly helps navigating the mess behind the scenes.

So check it out: Photoschrisglass.com/photos

If you find any dead links or wonkiness, comments appreciated.

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2 responses to “10,000”

  1. Thomas Avatar

    I cannot imagine having to sort through that many files and get them all in order! Out of all the thousands … do you have one favorite?

  2. Chris Avatar

    Good question Thomas, one I don’t really have an answer for… But for conversation sake, this image from 2005 hits me a few ways.
    1.) It doesn’t look like my other stuff (it has a person, lots of color, it’s vertical)
    2.) It made me feel like a photographer. Story: This was the easter bonnet parade in NYC. Crowds were thick around this particular (and beautiful) woman. Yet things just sort of cleared and she looked at the lens. For that moment, I felt like a professional.
    The crowd poured back in, and the moment was over, but captured.