Enjoying the water and weather

Dan’s birthday turned out real nice up north at his sister’s place. Got there mid-afternoon and spent the next 10 hours enjoying the land, pool, sky, cold drinks, four-wheelin, food and family. He’s the youngest of 14—even if a third show up it’s a party.

PhotosA handful of photos here, and a few video snippets:

070707 from glass and Vimeo.

Current music: Architecture in Helsinki “Spring 2008”

4 responses to “070707”

  1. Paul Avatar

    Great video and photos! The music for the vid was perfect! Glad you had a good time.

  2. Johnny Avatar

    Oh wow, that video was really nice. What was the song you used on it?

  3. Chris Avatar

    Johnny, the song is Architecture in Helsinki’s “Spring 2008” !

  4. Chelsea T. Avatar
    Chelsea T.

    Hey! Can’t believe I had to miss it!! I was up in Jersey when my mom told me about it! We did get a chance to call and wish the best for the birthday boy. Haha. Looks like you guys had an awesome time! Great video!! I havn’t seen you and Dan forever!! Have a good rest-of-the-summer! Haha.