Spring Grove


The day was entirely too beautiful to be indoors, so I opted out of any museuming in favor of a walk outside. I called up my grandmother to see if she was game, and it was a wrestling match with the phone – my wireless connection and my mom’s broken receiver.

We managed to get it together though, and met up mid afternoon for a driving and walking tour of Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum, located right around the corner in Northside.

History tidbits:

  • Founded in 1845, the original area of 166 hilly acres was purchased for $16,000. It was named Spring Grove because of the numerous springs and ancient groves of trees on the property.
  • It now encompasses 733 acres of which 400 acres are landscaped and maintained.
  • At first, I heard that this place was designed by the same fella behind Central Park. Not true. There’s another Spring Grove Cemetery in Hartford, Connecticut that has this distinction.
  • The arboretum, with over 1,200 species, has 1,000 labeled for study.
  • There’s a section where Gypsies are buried, noted by red granite monuments.
  • The landscape "lawn plan" concept was created here.
  • Forty generals from the Civil War are "planted" in Spring Grove

It was a great day, leisurely wandering between things that caught our eye. At points we were on the ground, examining acorns and moss. Turns out, my grandmother (who prefers that moniker over Me-Maw) was married in a funeral home.

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Northside Tavern

Doodling at the keyboard (of a laptop)

I’m getting hot tips from Alex up in Columbus of music I should check out.

So I wandered down the street and into the Northside Tavern around 10pm last night. The band I was encouraged to see was still setting up, but it would take a while. They had all these video monitors and robots to plug in. Not only that, but that had to get in their special outfits.

You have to respect a band that makes an effort to dress the part of rock and roller.

Their set was energetic, though the acoustics of the bar didn’t quite complement theirs. More room for dancing would’ve been good. Oh yeah, and people that dance. On the video monitors, snippets of PaRappa The Rappa, Underoo commercials and Mattel action figures. Lots of blast from the past stuff that put a grin on the faces of those that knew of them – nerds. (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

A strange crowd filters into this tavern. This is where all the hip kids are, I think. Out of college or luck, sporting the fancy expensive shoes meant to look beat up and old. One chick in particular, decked out in white sequined stretch pantsuit kept tugging at the fabric bunching up around her pooch. I felt bad for her. Some burly biker types occupied the pool tables in the back alongside the Banana Republic boys.

Hell, folks even talked to me and there was enough light to see faces and read lips. Of course, most were asking questions about the camera. It’s like walking a dog in the park.

After Oxymoronatron left the stage, I hung out on the curb to watch their stuff as the next band crammed into the corner of the bar. Infinite Number of Sounds was most excellent. I could blather on and on, but it’s Saturday and I have stuff to do.

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Basement rehearsal

So you know how you have one of those nights where you are just havin’ one helluva time, eating and drinking and listening to loud music and laughing a lot – and you just wish you had a little notepad to write down all the far-out ideas that get slung around?

I had one of those evenings. It was this past St. Patrick’s Day, in fact.

After work, I went to hang out with Alex, her husband and their friends up in Columbus.

While his band, Junior High Mustache, practiced and mixed with another band downstairs, I hung out for a tour of their abode, rich with color and the most carefully placed knickknacks, music, memorabilia and artwork, ever. My blank walls hide in shame.

There was Pasta.

Beer in green bottles.

Tears from Tenacious D – The Complete Master Works DVD.

Laugher as Courtney Hole made mild entertainment history on Letterman.

Framing all this absorption of sights and sounds, was good fun conversation.

PhotosI took some really bad photos

2004 Auto Show, Columbus OH

The new Nissan Quest – weerdest production interior of the lot

I love lookin’ at cars. I figure it’s like women and shoes, or purses.

I can window shop and feel sated.

The auto show this year was filled with more retro-updates and fancy tail lights that’ve become so popular of late. Aside from a bland showing from VW (I don’t fit in the Toerag and the pricetag on the Phaeton is LUDICROUS) – it was a mostly good waste of time.

I think Ford’s renewed interest in cars is a good thing. American automakers love to let things fester to a point where it just damages their entire line.

I couldn’t find the new Corvette, but that’s okay, I think the loss of popup headlamps to fit within European standards is a mistake.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, I think gray is the new black for 2004. Most models sported the subdued hue.

I think to spice up attendance, automakers should dress the car model models in pvc or rubber.

PhotosHere’s a few angles that caught my eye.


Sunshine on my bamboo makes me happy

I can only grow one thing, er, let me rephrase, I can only not kill one thing: Bamboo.

I don’t let this bother me, because I am not very good at many things, and there are others that do them very well. It’s the blending of our talents that lends some semblance of balance to things.

The bamboo survives as I leave for long trips and neglect it for weeks. Just some fresh water now and then, and we get along just fine.

This morning, the sun was shining nicely in the bathroom window and the bamboo seemed well.

PhotosBamboo galore.

So many memories, too many photos

Halloween 2003

It started off handing out candy to trick or treaters. Turns out kids think “grab a couple” means a handful.

Then I went to a party. Turns out chicks can pick up chairs while their head is against a wall. I knew this, just never tried it.

Then I headed out to the bar. Turns out Halloween is the time to go out and buy cheap ill-fitting leather.

I dressed comfortably, Target pumpkin tee and some eye makeup. Turns out, subtlety in makeup disturbs people. “Are you ok?” “You look tired” “Stop looking at me”

PhotosA couple random Halloween shots.