I think this is a poster for something like a Glade plugin

Mall trip.

Dan requires a suit and I needed to return some hats that looked ridiculous.

He got measured and stuff, while I wandered around experiencing all the smells that fill the Dayton Mall.

Airbrush paint, the leather of a Dora the Explorer bomber-style jacket, the distinct odor that is Old Navy, heavy cologne minus the Axe effect, poly-cotton blends that hint of new car, pretzels, bubblegum, shoes, rubbing alcohol and sweaty vinyl around the weird tanning-booth-like massage table with high powered water nozzles, and more airbrush paint.

A smorgasbord of Golden Corral proportions.

Some photos to help the visual senses.

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One response to “scentport”

  1. Heather Avatar

    This looks like a Willy Wonka lickable wallpaper 🙂