Favorite photos from 2006

62 in all I believe

Another year goes by filled with family, friends, grub, a bit of travel, objects and flowers.

It only took me two months to select a few, find the originals and post them in this gallery.

I look at the set realizing I’ve missed some good ones and included some snapshots that might have been best left on the virtual cutting room floor. I also consider things I’d like to incorporate more in 2007: I think some beach shots would be nice. And more people. Never enough people.

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2 responses to “Favorite photos from 2006”

  1. Pierro Marie Avatar

    your pictures which can be regarded very beautifully.
    my spontaneous favorite is the pictures with the
    funny name “1220-birthday.html” or:
    “VIP VIDEO” place to be. grandios !!

  2. glass Avatar

    Thank ya Pierro. My next goal should be to step foot inside that VIP Video, though I’m guessing cameras would be shunned upon there.