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  • At night, in December

    kinda, technically the first snow

  • the leaf collectors

    with camera reflected Getting ready to leave yesterday morning, we heard some rumbling out front. The township had sent around the leaf collecting crew. Luckily Dan had caught this detail online and made appropriate arrangements with the leaves. Something small to mention is the reflection of camera in this photo. Again, it’s the point and […]

  • most

    a statistics meme for Flickr photos From L to R My most viewed photo : Ajax on Rails Most favorited photo : Pantone Autumn Most comments : Wee Wii

  • MIA July

    17 images that got left behind Things pile up. A recurring theme ’round these parts. Excuses are easy to come by: – It’s summer. (though is there ever really a slow season?) – Wear many hats. (have many projects) – Attempt to find balance. (throttle computer usage) – Bought a house. – Stale format. (desire […]

  • The Original Glow Machine

    Apologies for the large file size above I went bowling a while back. My most recent memory of the game is on the Wii, and going through those virtual motions gave my shoulder some ache. In real life, the sensation is much, much worse. As for score, a 5 year old beat me – and […]

  • tracks

    under the snow Short or oblique, I seldom question the value of trying to capture a journal entry with a photo each day. Even when I don’t succeed in posting, there’s usually a folder of images floating around. For the most part, there is some rudimentary organization: a date, a named folder. But I long […]

  • developed

    fed the meter I went to the camera shop too soon. The prints weren’t ready this morning. That meant I would have to wait all day until after work to pick them up. When I finally did get them, I went right to the car and tore into the envelopes. I had been fearing ever […]

  • A dozen days into 08

    Photos I intended to post separately The year is off and running (fast) and I still feel like 2007 did not receive proper reflection. I’m determined to cobble together a gallery of favorite photos from last year, but for now, moving forward takes precedence. I’ve been trying to make more photos with people of late. […]

  • cross processing

    in van, not down by the rive This week was jam packed. Moving closer to launch on a big project, juggling other bits, and sleeping like a log when the midnight oil runs out. All this activity is giving me excuse to avoid making a dentist appointment. It’s becoming dire. At least I got the […]

  • Random photos, June–Sept

    None of this has anything to do with a turtle I’m up oddly early so I figured I’d flip around the good morning “news” shows. Apparently today is all about Halo 3 and not real wars. I begrudgingly shrug and visualize positive futures because I just saw The Secret this weekend and if I really […]