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  • Until Mad Men starts back up, or, I am a predicatable demographic

    A snapshot from last week: a neat projector at Duck Creek Antique Mall in Oakley I haven’t downloaded photos tonight, and I doubt I will. I’m tuckered, and there’s too much programming on TV to zone out to. For some reason everything is on the same night. We record what we can and parcel it […]

  • The box read OPEN IMMEDIATELY

    Inside: a handmade housewarming pillow [ +zoom ] I’m extra proud of Tom and Wendy for the print, the piping, and overall attention to detail. Plus, It goes with everything. We love it.

  • homegrown

    tomatoes The amount of photos piling up on the hard drive is laughable. We’re taking a break from home improvement. Some because we’re trying to keep the budget in check and some because we’re exhausted. ‘Sides, the weather’s been favorable. No good reason not to kick back and enjoy the patio—which we do rain or […]

  • service

    Heading north on I-75 I try to be cautious when wielding the camera in-car. If the outside light is nice, I’ll keep it on the front seat, poised for action. I also try and not get “caught” taking a photo because I can envision some exchange where someone thinks the wrong thing, tailgates me home […]

  • Cherry tree

    Another thing from the backyard This, a photo from June 20th. The cherries are almost gone at this point. But they’re tasty. We’ll hopefully have peaches and apples to look forward to later in the season. Current music: The National “All Dolled-Up In Straps”

  • a little before, a little kinda after

    The piano room This photo represents part of the reason why posting has been so dang slow around here. (You can see the images larger here: Before, After) We’ve been here 12 days, and things are coming together nicely. Floors are down. (Engineered / laminate, floating.) Many walls are painted. Furniture moved in from the […]

  • fawn

    in the back yard Ever since we moved here, Dan has talked about this family of deer that wander around the neighborhood. I was becoming suspect after one too many “They’re outside RIGHT NOW!” messages delivered while I was in the bathroom (only to find them gone when I got out – and no, I […]

  • The cork goes slowly

    My nemesis, the hallway floor I promise this won’t become a journal solely about fixing up a home, but for the next few weeks—or at least until I can sit on a chair without dirt on my feet—that’s what I’ll be living. I got home late last night ready to fluff and arrange pillows. Turns […]

  • Moved

    check Hi there. It’s been a while. Since we last touched base there has been a lot of sweat, scrapes, bruises, trashbags, scrubbing, painting, carpet shredding, trips to Home Depot, and of course — a change of address. If I ever had any doubts about home ownership, they have dissipated. And though I might lament curbing […]

  • things’ll probably be slow around here

    Busy packin