Until Mad Men starts back up, or, I am a predicatable demographic

A snapshot from last week: a neat projector at Duck Creek Antique Mall in Oakley

I haven’t downloaded photos tonight, and I doubt I will.

I’m tuckered, and there’s too much programming on TV to zone out to.

For some reason everything is on the same night. We record what we can and parcel it out over the evenings.

So You Think You Can Dance (Getting better, after a pretty ho-hum start to the season, but tonight’s results show seemed a bit whack)

Project Runway (Too early to say, but this poll has merit)

The D-List (Not critical to watch because each episode is played many, many times.)

Sordid Lives (This one just started up, and I’m not sure it’s going to win a spot on the DVR. Like the movie it’s based on, the actor out in LA irks me to the point of no return and everyone else seems to be regurgitating dialog)

All I can say is, thank goodness for fast forwarding through commercials. This technological feature makes even the threat of watching a show on Lifetime palatable.

When all this ends, I’ve been strongly encouraged to give Lost a try. Everyone at the studio (all three people) are addicted and I feel out of place at the metaphorical water cooler.

One response to “Until Mad Men starts back up, or, I am a predicatable demographic”

  1. the communicatrix Avatar

    I thought all those people who were mad for LOST were nuts.
    Then I watched the pilot.
    And then I proceeded to watch every episode of all four seasons, in order, sometimes four per night, for a month.
    I even *purchased* Season 4 from iTunes b/c I couldn’t wait for the DVD release. And I’m a cheap bastard from way back.
    It’s really, really good, even when it’s kind of bad.
    And when it’s great? It’s f*cking genius.