a little before, a little kinda after

The piano room

This photo represents part of the reason why posting has been so dang slow around here. (You can see the images larger here: Before, After)

We’ve been here 12 days, and things are coming together nicely.

Floors are down. (Engineered / laminate, floating.)
Many walls are painted.
Furniture moved in from the garage.
TV hooked up.
Sofa in place.
Internet finally reliable.
Lawn tended.
Hydrangea planted.
Weeds pulled.
Milk in fridge.
Cereal in newly shelf-lined kitchen cabinets.

And there are lots of little things. I’ll document more when a chance happens. Until then, it’s now July and I’m so happy to have a place to sit down and write this, comfortably. (even though when I look really hard, I still see that missing base board)

Another view inside: The room where I’m typing this— the “family” room: Before, After (so far).

5 responses to “a little before, a little kinda after”

  1. Very nice work. Looks like a great house to re-design. TLC should give you guys a show.

  2. i’m going home and throwing away half of my stuff after seeing how cool your minimal design looks in your house!
    (i was hoping you took down the paneling in that room. whew. you did.)