Hi there.

It’s been a while.

Since we last touched base there has been a lot of sweat, scrapes, bruises, trashbags, scrubbing, painting, carpet shredding, trips to Home Depot, and of course — a change of address.

If I ever had any doubts about home ownership, they have dissipated.

And though I might lament curbing my videogame spending, this home improvement game is kicking much ass (in a good way). By the end of each day we’re exhausted and thrilled with the little bits of progress in making a home.

More updates and some peeks inside coming soon.

Current music: Matmos “Cloudhoppers”


  1. hey. im so glad to hear about your new home an the life your starting. 😀 so congrats on this big part of your life. keep in touch && much love.

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