bad jeans

A moment to vent

I’m surprised I haven’t used this horrible pun for a headline before, but apparently it is a first. (I determined this after making a custom search (CSE) for most of the places I post online:

Back to the Levi’s pictured above… I know I have no ass, but pulling up one’s pants by the belt loops shouldn’t lead to tearing.

This has happened to every recent pair of jeans I’ve got.

It’s redonk.


Because I have a deep love for onomatopoeia

That crashing sound outside was our garbage can taking a stroll around the neighborhood in the gusty evening wind.

I herded it back to the safety of the garage.

In other news, I went to work and accidentally left the radio on NPR.

They kept saying stimulus and package.

Later in the day I was productive donning writers cap in the studio—finally bringing together everyone’s thoughts on a vision/mission/culture manifesto. Something long overdue.

Zoomed home to check out cars with a friend who is in need.

I never get tired of sitting in different rides, and despite our ragamuffin exteriors, all the salesfolk were kind.

But it looked right in the store

applying stain to baseboards

Sunday the weather was almost springy.

We pushed aside our mental plans for the day to tackle baseboards.

But first, a trip to the big box hardware place to make ugly faces at the lighting options.

I’m pretty sure we’re either going to find what we need for the dining room in smaller, local, boutique type joint, or we’re going all Myles of Style and making one out of a plunger, string, broken tea cups, hot glue and beads.

(tip from a reader: need to check out Switch lighting store in Cincinnati)

As for the baseboards, we learned the hard way that it is important to follow the directions and test a small area with the stain to ensure it works physically and emotionally.

Ours failed the latter test, being just enough off color from our floors to create tension.

Maybe we’ll paint them white and be done with it.


mounded [ similar view, same place, more snow, from last year ]

Somehow I didn’t get the memo that we’d be getting dumped on with snow again.

By mid-afternoon yesterday I knew it would be futile to head home after work.

I spent the night with Wendy and Tom in their dreamy spare bed at the farm.

Woke up to the pitter patter of three sets of little feet, that were off school, again.

I swear I’m not posing for this photo

Hanging out in the gutter (Photo by Dan)

Woke up with a bit of a tickle in the throat on Sunday.

Managed to grab breakfast without slipping on ice.

Read the paper. There was a story about the dangers of not clearing out your gutters in winter weather.

Sure enough, ours were sagging painfully with the weight of ice.

Since it was warm and sunny, we put off inside work and soaked up the vitamin D, chipping away and pulling out long frozen blocks from the gutters.

I think the physical activity beat down any potential head-cold (knock on wood).

Thank heavens

The day I finally, really, get out of the house

By Thursday night, everything in the cupboard looked vulgar.

Filled with rage, I stormed out of the house on to slippery roads to find nothing open but gas stations.

My stir-crazy self decided Cheetos and a soda would calm my nerves.

It kinda worked.

On Friday they got the side streets cleared and salted. The sun even came out.

It was glorious.

Mental note: On the next snowbound grocery run, hide some guilty pleasures in the kitchen.

the snacking squirrel

on the back patio

After a few false warnings from the weather-people, the snow finally came for real this week.

I was ready for it with stocked cabinets and a pile of work that could be tackled from anywhere with electricity.

Luckily the layer of ice was thin and spared our area any power-outages.

Felt bad for the critters out back, so threw out some scraps. Watching this fella jump through the 7+ inches of white powdery snow was a hoot.

If you want to zoom in a little, you can click on the picture above.

Diagram of a fall

A representation of my Sunday

1) The log represents a pillar in front of the Original Pancake House.

2) The mannequin represents me after finding a patch of ice.

I made contact full force, with my ear.

My glasses and mobile phone (also in the diagram) survived completely unharmed.

Not pictured: My face drained of color in the emergency room, and the disapproving look the nurse gave when her leading questions revealed the fella in the waiting room was not just my friend. (Who I should mention, was a knight in shining armor during the whole ordeal.)

The doctor said it was merely a flesh wound, and I would live.

No stitches required.

I’m going to sleep on my side tonight.

a felt enclosure

Protecting this critter inside

Good things today.
Wrapped up a big chunk of a project.
Washed the salt and road grime off the car.
Took a few photos.
Ate some vegetarian chili.
Avoided soda and didn’t put sugar in my coffee.
Came home, clicked around, a few chats, some looking at the tube, Idol‘s better with a laptop, Lost was a big fast chunk of time, thought about my family, heated up miniature chicken tacos to ruin all the healthier options from earlier in the day, a little of this, a little of that, downloaded photos, cropped and uploaded, posted.

Then & Now : Water Tower

August 13, 2008 (left) / January 15, 2009 (right)

Right next to this water tower is the place where I take recycling.

My car was loaded to the brim with cardboard and cans today—by the time I had unloaded, my beard was frozen.

Man it’s cold out.