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  • The Kiwanis Club Christmas tree checkout trailer

    Our third visit (previously) So we’re there on the first day trees are for sale and they only have one variety in-stock—Fraser firs—same kind we had last year, but I can’t remember for sure. I google the variety on the spot to check and see if they’re any good. Search results prove favorable. Back when […]

  • There are moments

    I don’t believe this is lens distortion throwing curves, it’s just that our blinds are wonky There are mere moments while gray light spreads across the morning sky, yet hasn’t enough power to shut off the sensor in the electric holiday candle. We placed these decorations in the windows this weekend. There is no ecological […]

  • A trip to the mall

    Using Elmo to bribe the boy to look at the camera After OSU’s win (yay), I went to several box stores and the mall to torture myself trying to find something that only exists in my imagination: sea-foam colored ornaments for our Christmas tree. Because nothing goes better with football than shopping. I believe a […]

  • Rivalry

    on the tube Apparently I’m unhappy because I watch TV, but I’m actually MORE unhappy when there is nothing good to watch on TV. I decided to upgrade my XBOX account in order to get Netflix on demand but that turned out to be the single biggest entertainment let-down of my entire life. True. But […]

  • At last my arm is complete again

    Leaving the studio at sunset [ + zoom ] My camera died. The shutter fires repeatedly whenever a battery is present, on or off. It’s a mess, and I’m a mess without it, it seems. I’ll try and find a repair joint and save up for a new one, but until then I have Wendy’s […]

  • This would have a been a great image for yesterday’s post

    The compression artifacts here kinda make a moiré pattern Tom was making something in the studio the other week and this print out of a field and blue sky was almost bound for the trash can. He saved it with additional doodle and brightened my day. This would have a been a great alternative image […]

  • 3

    carved in wood Last night was our made-up anniversary. Arbitrary might be a better word, because we didn’t have a date that made things official. For three years I’ve been sharing my life with Dan, and its still exciting and awesome and good. I have a bunch of mushy stuff I could say, but this […]

  • Soon there will be nothing left to rake

    This season In other news, the weekend was quiet and cool.

  • that moment

    As the sun sets and the light is golden I’m still processing this week. On the backside, catching up and welcoming the return of creative energy. Lots of work to be done. This photo? My mom’s house—a retreat where I can always count on an ever changing exhibit of inspiration, and very likely a solid […]

  • our first trick or treaters

    at our home Pardon the photo, it’s from my little point and shoot and I wasn’t prepared and they were walking too fast, and and and… The good part is that this family were the first trick or treaters at our house. The kids were all dressed up, the mom liked our yard sign, and […]