in the back yard

Ever since we moved here, Dan has talked about this family of deer that wander around the neighborhood.

I was becoming suspect after one too many “They’re outside RIGHT NOW!” messages delivered while I was in the bathroom (only to find them gone when I got out – and no, I didn’t take that long).

Well I finally caught the little ones foraging in the back and they’re wobbly and twitchy and terribly cute.

Current music: Fleet Foxes “White Winter Hymnal”

5 responses to “fawn”

  1. chuck Avatar

    i have heard they go from terribly cute to downright terrible after they chew off all the flowers in your garden.
    i love the “they’re outside RIGHT NOW”. makes it sound like he is spying some sort of religous nut stalking you or leaving pamphlets on your doorstep 🙂

  2. amy Avatar

    do you want me to come over with my cross-bow?

  3. Crystal Avatar

    also not cute stuck to your windshield. be careful!
    i think we may be related. i rarely meet anyone with the same last name. you should put me in your will.

  4. jth Avatar

    @chuck That’s what I was going to say…you plan on gardening, and the deer will plan on de-gardening. It’s like a very fun game. Only it’s not.

  5. minxlj Avatar

    That’s gorgeous – I’d feel so blessed to have one in my garden 🙂 We get the occasional fox running around, and hedgehogs and lots of birds in the garden but sadly no deer. My partner used to call me ‘Dr Dolittle’ because wherever I was, animals would just flock to me! LOL they must know I’m so soft I’ll make a home for them all.
    Well done on the photo – it’s really sweet.