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  • swum

    Taking a break from the heat We went to the pool this weekend because it was hot. Aside from this refreshing and chlorinated amenity, I can’t say I’m going to miss the apartment complex. Beneath the beige accents however, this place does represent something significant: It was about starting a life as a couple. 20 […]

  • Daydreaming home improvement

    A sketch: medium-term fixes for the kitchen So that house thing… We found one. We put in an offer, accepted, inspected, appraised, approved. We’re set to close on Monday. I’ve never done this before, but I figure that means we get keys. Then I figure we’ll spend the next few days with scrub brushes and […]

  • It’s a cap with LED lights built into the bill

    and I’m in love I was at Lowes impersonating someone who knows how to use power tools this weekend, and came across a display of these hats. “The perfect Father’s Day gift” the sign read. No, this is the perfect gift for any person that wears hats and loves flashlights. That would be me. More […]

  • Governours Square

    I’m surprised they didn’t spell it “Centre,” and who needs apostrophes? I thought this signage for an office center around the block might be of some inspiration to that design firm that created the London 2012 Olympic logo and new Wacom identity. It’s got a definite vibe to it that makes me want to put […]

  • purple flowers

    Maybe when I have a garden, I will be able to identify flowers such as these You know how when you get back from vacation there’s a pile of stuff that needs attention? Yeah. That. Until I can write more, here are some purple flowers. Current music: Beastie Boys “Remote Control”

  • I think they keep Vegas stories in Vegas…

    …partly by charging way too much for Internet connections. In brief, all is well out here in Nevada. Pictures and words next time I can get online proper. Til then, things’ll continue to be quiet around the ol’ journal.

  • coinstar

    dippin into the piggy bank words

  • two things I held today

    lollipop, dandelion Whirlwind tour to St. Louis for the concert was dandy. I’m still recovering. A few extra winks should set things right. No rest for the weary, I went to get my haircut today because I’m going to Vegas on Wednesday for vacation. I got a lollipop because I didn’t squirm too much in […]

  • The house hunt, an update

    Decor that is not ours Last off we were trying to get out of contract from a house that had more issues that we bargained for. Things settled last week and we (thankfully) received the earnest money back. So now we’re back to our normal Sunday routine of tours and open houses. Today, some potential. […]

  • Some folks take a walk in the woods for inspiration

    I walk down the seasonal aisle. Actually, as the weather slowly turns, going outside will win over all the shelves of bug spray, coolers, koozies, and whiffle ball sets. Current music: Sonic Youth “Providence”