The cork goes slowly

My nemesis, the hallway floor

I promise this won’t become a journal solely about fixing up a home, but for the next few weeks—or at least until I can sit on a chair without dirt on my feet—that’s what I’ll be living.

I got home late last night ready to fluff and arrange pillows. Turns out the cork in the hallway needs removed to put new floors down. My plans, dashed.

This task involved a scraper and mallet. It’s terribly slow, and officially my least favorite thing to do (this week).

Now before you say that cork is really cool and appropriate and back in style, I will agree with you.

But the cement in the living room is not working, so cohesion is prudent.

The cork goes.


Current music: Hot Chip “Ready for the Floor”

One response to “The cork goes slowly”

  1. minxlj Avatar

    Ooh, I’ve been told removing cork floors is the worst. Actually, I have a couple of nastily-glued linoleum floors to remove and I’m NOT looking forward to it. The people who owned my place before me were morons when it came to anything in the home, clearly. I have a long renovation ahead of me :-s