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  • 33°F

    A bit of chill in the morning air

  • a little bit of color

    pardon the image quality, it's a snapshot made with a mobile phone camera If this week was a piece of clothing, it would be a flannel shirt that's too short in the arms with a few stray threads peeking out here and there. Easy enough to roll up the sleeves and not look a fool, […]

  • Our first fire

    Please don’t bring attention to the faux brass insert It’s supposed to get chilly tonight and we’re not turning on the furnace. Been toting around a bundle of wood through two moves, finally it gets used. So nice. In other goings on, we’re watching BBC World News instead of the usual suspects this evening. It’s […]

  • Travel trailer

    On the way to work Hello Friday, I’m glad you’re here. I didn’t get everything on my checklist done this week. I’m okay with that. This weekend? Going to go down to Cincinnati with Dan to hang with his niece and nephew. Looking mighty forward to conversations that will hopefully revolve around videogames, programs on […]

  • a little Lost

    In front of the Arboretum I can still feel the sunshine from the sweet but hurried walk through Balboa Park. The tables full of handsome folk at breakfast. The exact moment when I got all misty eyed at the wedding. The glass of bubbly that warmed my head. The trip home and connecting flights ate […]

  • shipper

    kids blanks arrived in the mail today I like the design of the American Apparel shipping envelope. Now if I could just shut out all their web ads that appear all over the web and make their sizing consistent. Current music: XTC “Season Cycle”

  • shifting

    Heading north on US27 I’ve felt it a few days this week. Something that doesn’t normally happen until next month. But the air and the colors, feels like autumn is close. Current music: The Bird and the Bee “Again & Again”

  • digital clock

    to the second This clock can be found at Pottery Barn Kids, which sort of baffles me but shouldn’t, because these big digital numbers are perfect for a kid. I know I’d be mesmerized by it. If PBK had it available online, I’d totally add one of those hyperlinks. In other news, Tuesdays are printing […]

  • Getting to know Dayton, plus a dreamy desk

    architectural detail in the Oregon District Dinner with a couple o’ fine fellas here in town—one of which my partner has known since college. After some good vittles we toured neighborhoods of downtown Dayton, learning about the history, people and buildings. I took notes and made a checklist of places I need to visit: – […]

  • Lake Festival Parade

    Celina, OH [ this image looks better +bigger ] Not one to squander perfect summer weather and picture taking potential, I went with Dan yesterday to see the Lake Festival Parade up north. A couple of his sisters and their families live up that way, so we were guaranteed good company. Arrived just in time, […]