Heading north on I-75

I try to be cautious when wielding the camera in-car. If the outside light is nice, I’ll keep it on the front seat, poised for action.

I also try and not get “caught” taking a photo because I can envision some exchange where someone thinks the wrong thing, tailgates me home and then… fisticuffs.

Sidenote: Have you seen Andrew Bush’s Vector Portraits? Really go take a look.

When I saw this fine example of a favorite font on the side of a work truckā€”I kept finding ways to pull aside and make with the snapping. (Univers Condensed Bold, I do believe)

It looks better bigger and uncropped.

Speaking of service, I’ve been lax most of June in the professional sense. A little bit of production, and not enough actual creation. I think such lulls are healthy for creativity, but I think I saw that turn around yesterday. Here’s to hoping it lasts. Speaking of which, I’m late for work!

Current music: Akon feat. Michael Jackson “Hold My Hand”

2 responses to “service”

  1. chuck Avatar

    in the ad agency world, all of our clients are fighting for sales, so we have been going nonstop. it would be fine if nonstop involved a lot of profit, but everyone is cutting their budget and STILL expecting to hit one outta the park. yea. riiiight.

  2. Daniel Black Avatar

    It wouldn’t be half as beautiful a shot without the rust and wear.