MIA July

17 images that got left behind

Things pile up.

A recurring theme ’round these parts.

Excuses are easy to come by:

– It’s summer. (though is there ever really a slow season?)
– Wear many hats. (have many projects)
– Attempt to find balance. (throttle computer usage)
– Bought a house.
– Stale format. (desire for new image size or aspect ratio? 5 year itch?)

Speaking of formating photos, have you see Boston Globe’s The Big Picture? Be sure to click on headlines to see a smattering of curated images on a particular topic in the news. Fantastic BIG, beautiful photos.

Andy Baio of Waxy.org got with Alan Taylor, the creator of The Big Picture and posted this interview.

All that said and done, it doesn’t make me feel any better about the 17 tiny photos that somehow never made it onto this here journal. But I gathered them together this afternoon before too many days slipped away and I forgot what it was I was doing.

Photos17 MIA images, July 2008

One response to “MIA July”

  1. kari Avatar

    I love your photos, however you choose to serve them up. Your site is one of my favorites. And I just received my “beautiful day” tee via the mails — love it also. Thank you.