the leaf collectors

with camera reflected

Getting ready to leave yesterday morning, we heard some rumbling out front.

The township had sent around the leaf collecting crew. Luckily Dan had caught this detail online and made appropriate arrangements with the leaves.

Something small to mention is the reflection of camera in this photo. Again, it’s the point and shoot.

As far as I can tell, my Canon 20D is near dead. I’ve determined that it has something to do with the card slot. (The shutter fires repeatedly when a memory card is simply inserted into the body). So while this is sad, I am very satisfied with the performance of the camera. I’ve had it since February of 2005 and taken over 13,000 photos. Many of those were bad, some I’ve liked.

Now I’m going to research the slew of new cameras on the market and work with what I’ve got for the time being.

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3 responses to “the leaf collectors”

  1. Paddy C Avatar
    Paddy C

    Good luck with the research…the digital market feels overwhelming to this film guy.
    From what I’ve read you might do well to step up to a 40D.

  2. D R E W Avatar

    when i was younger, my dad made a homemade version of this leaf sucker thingy. my parents live in a woods and the leaves get everywhere. we’d rake them out of the flower beds, etc. and then drive the garden tracker around pulling this leaf sucker contraption to suck everything up. as it was sucked up, it would be shredded, too. we’d dump the leaf shreds in a pile and use it the following spring as mulch. we were earth friendly before we even knew what that was!

  3. Girl Avatar

    May I suggest a Nikon?
    the 200 is pretty awesome.