fed the meter

I went to the camera shop too soon. The prints weren’t ready this morning. That meant I would have to wait all day until after work to pick them up.

When I finally did get them, I went right to the car and tore into the envelopes.

I had been fearing ever since drop-off that things would go sour. There would be some light leak. My exposures would be off. This Canon AE-1 hadn’t been used since the 90’s, when I took that photography course in college and did angsty things like take photos of my head in a box (warning, no beard).

To my surprise, every single shot came out exposed properly. Not everything was in focus, but I’m blaming my glasses and shallow depth of field. I’m not sure where film fits into things, but it was great to get invigorated and try and find ways to finish out a roll.

What I ended up with is a good representation of my day-to-day life in the winter months: Dan, Tom and Wendy, some food, my car, work stuff, and a little bit of this and that.

PhotosThe Canon AE-1 set

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7 responses to “developed”

  1. FreD Avatar

    How did you scan these pics (technical details needed…) ?

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    Simple answer FreD, I didn’t.
    The camera store (Cord Camera) offers a CD with the prints.
    There were two options: Regular size or high-resolution.
    I paid extra ($7.99 per roll) for the high resolution option which yielded JPGs sized 3637 x 2433 at 96dpi.

  3. FreD Avatar

    Of course !
    Thx for the answer…

  4. The Brown Avatar
    The Brown

    That picture of Dan is awesome! That’s one fine looking man!

  5. BigBlueCat Avatar

    So, Chris, what film did you use? Awesome shots BTW …

  6. Chris Glass Avatar

    Hey BigBlue, it was basic Kodak 400 MAX.

  7. BigBlueCat Avatar

    400 MAX, huh! Good effort. You guys must get better processing for that stuff in the US … here in Australia it usually comes back all washed-out looking, like they haven’t changed the chemicals or something. Except if I use a chrome film and go to a special lab to get the processing done ….