Random photos, June–Sept

None of this has anything to do with a turtle

I’m up oddly early so I figured I’d flip around the good morning “news” shows.

Apparently today is all about Halo 3 and not real wars.

I begrudgingly shrug and visualize positive futures because I just saw The Secret this weekend and if I really wanted world peace or an XBOX 360, all I have to do is think about it extra hard. And feel it.

I should mention I’m fine with waking up too early on perhaps the wrong side of the bed. A healthy dose of cynicism is the perfect companion to a sunny outlook.

So to brighten my spirits and tackle something easy from the to-do list, I muted the tube and pulled together orphaned photos that never got journaled.

These are the ones that got bumped off the priority list as days got hectic.

Photos Random pictures, June–Septemer 2007

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3 responses to “Random photos, June–Sept”

  1. Kell Avatar

    I’m visualizing a positive future without The Secret already.

  2. angie Avatar

    i see you made it to columbus and didn’t look a girl up…
    love the orphaned photos. i know i way over-analyze what to post.