cross processing

in van, not down by the rive

This week was jam packed. Moving closer to launch on a big project, juggling other bits, and sleeping like a log when the midnight oil runs out.

All this activity is giving me excuse to avoid making a dentist appointment. It’s becoming dire. At least I got the bushy beard whacked and hairs trimmed earlier in the week.

Today, I did pretty much nothing but shop for toilet paper and then move a stylus around while sitting on the sunny porch. I napped too. It was awesome.

So now I’m sitting on the couch waiting for Dan to get finished with recital practice and a wedding gig. Poked around some features of Photoshop I’ve never used. One of which is the curves feature that mimics cross processing.

One thing led to another and I decided to clear off some photos hoggin’ up my drive. Photos I deemed positively so-so.

PhotosHere they are (only a couple got the fancy filtered treatment)

Current music: Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton “Nothing & Nowhere” “Threshold Apprehension”

3 responses to “cross processing”

  1. The Brown Avatar
    The Brown


  2. mark Avatar

    chris — maybe a silly question but i’m wondering if you have a workflow for the background color the “slideshow”. do you eyeball it or do you use photoshop to suggest a color that’s most dominant? or is there some coding/css magic that you use?
    naz used to do that on his photosite (… can’t remember the name) and i’ve never seemed to find a quick way to do it…
    love your site + looking forward to you and his Layer Tennis match!
    gainesville, fl

  3. Chris Avatar

    To answer your question Mark, I’ve made a little video: