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  • thankful

    I can still smell and taste everything from the awesome meal from yesterday THE MENU – Seared scallops with wasabi (appetizer) – Roast turkey (brined and cooked perfectly from a Good Eats recipe) – Blue cheese and bacon mashed potatoes – Brussels sprouts with lemon – Corn pudding – Mulled wine cranberry sauce – Ginger […]

  • Bill’s Donut Shop

    Centerville, Ohio Thanks to a kind fella from the Obama campaign, we experienced the goodness that is Bill’s Donut Shop — a Dayton institution of caloric delight. This place is the real deal. Family owned and operated since 1960. Open 24 hours a day. A counter you can belly up to. Fifty cent refills of […]

  • Dancing in Yellow Springs

    arms and legs Dan I and visited a colleague and his wife up in Yellow Springs this weekend. They’re right around the three month marker as new parents. Their son puts his whole hand in his mouth and drools a little. He’s also in the 97th percentile of tallness for his age so there is […]

  • Local pizza

    Marion’s South I finally stepped foot in a Marion’s Pizza last night. It’s a local pie chain in Dayton. They battle it out with a joint called Cassanos for the title of Best. Down in Cincinnati, this crown would likely be won by LaRosas for sheer scale. Even in my home town growing up, we […]

  • justifying Nutella

    for breakfast Ingredients easily pronounced. Adds European flair to start of day. Tastes good on a bagel. Adding sliced strawberries makes it seem healthy. Current music: Grandaddy “He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s The Pilot”

  • chew

    On its own, the word “chew” looks kinda funny Three years ago I wasn’t entirely displeased by the new Wrigley’s wrappers. There’s been some more tweaking as you can see above. Juicy Fruit still flounders, Spearmint loses the minty cool tones, sharpens up—and Big Red is now, um, umber? No it’s cinnamon colored. I have […]

  • Chocolate covered potato chips

    I see the white light outside, this must be heaven If I was Oprah and had a show about my favorite things (mental note: make show about my favorite things), I would include these chocolate covered potato chips. They’re totally local with the sweet side by Esther Price and the salty bit by Mike Sells. […]

  • still digesting

    a wonderful evening and meal

  • BOCA

    the tables, set Dan had a night off, my friends had a babysitter, and we somehow managed to snag reservations last minute at Boca in Cincinnati. It was my first time, and the waiter told the uninitiated that we were in for a wonderful experience. He was right. You know those meals where you can […]

  • bundt

    Pumpkin Spice with lemon orange icing I used to identify Yellow Springs Ohio with hippies. I’m officially changing my tune after our latest meal on Friday night. Every time I go there I leave happily stuffed. There’s still a hint of earthiness as most of the ingredients on our plates were grown locally. In this […]