Pumpkin Spice with lemon orange icing

I used to identify Yellow Springs Ohio with hippies.

I’m officially changing my tune after our latest meal on Friday night.

Every time I go there I leave happily stuffed. There’s still a hint of earthiness as most of the ingredients on our plates were grown locally. In this case, roasted turnips on the salad came from a farm on the edge of town. And the back yard provided tomatoes to compliment the basil pesto manicotti.

You’d think this was a fine restaurant, but it was the home of a couple Dan knows through music circles. Good people.

I say that before mentioning dessert (pictured above). This addition to the menu makes them extra Good people.

I’m embarrassed to have them down for dinner because a fancy meal at our home means using the stove instead of the microwave for the frozen french bread pizzas. Makes the crust crispy you know.

If you’re anything like me, you might be curious how the Bundt pan came to be. Wikipedia has an answer.

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2 responses to “bundt”

  1. Peg Avatar

    “I used to identify Yellow Springs Ohio with hippies.” And that’s a bad thing? Come on! Anyhow, I’m just getting to know Yellow Springs and it’s very appealing. (Which is different from having friends there who will offer me such beverages as you.)

  2. glass Avatar

    I should fess up Peg, I’m a hippy.