Chocolate covered potato chips

I see the white light outside, this must be heaven

If I was Oprah and had a show about my favorite things (mental note: make show about my favorite things), I would include these chocolate covered potato chips. They’re totally local with the sweet side by Esther Price and the salty bit by Mike Sells. A box of ’em will cost about 10 bucks. I grimaced at the price during checkout, but the wallet-sadness was erased when I tried one.

It could be a phase, I know.

Growing up I refused to believe there were any other salad dressing aside from Thousand Island. On the candy front I was a stalwart Snickers fan for the longest time, and before that it was likely Marathon.

But right here, right now? It’s these chips. I’m limiting intake to one a day, at most.

Current music: Bishop Allen “Click, Click, Click, Click”

5 responses to “Chocolate covered potato chips”

  1. genius! thinly sliced deep-fried potatoes dipped in a milky mixture of crushed cacao beans and sugar? life is a wonderful thing sometimes.

  2. As a huge and longtime fan of the chocolate-covered pretzel, I can imagine how potent and awesome these babies are.
    In fact, they’re so awesome-seeming, I am going to email Jesse Thorn about them right now.