Dinner Club: Breakfast at the farm


I’m currently nibbling on a peanut butter cookie from a bag someone slipped in my stuff last night as I was leaving one of the tastiest dinner clubs.

We’ve been bad lately, with weddings and babies born, there hasn’t been a good time to plan one of our monthly outings. So an impromptu date was set and instead of dinner, our group of friends ate breakfast at night.

And man it was good.

Because this was held at a house, it was easy for folks to bring kids along. In the flurry of princesses running around and balls flying through the air, adults were able to try out tennis and other sports on the Wii.

By 10 or so, everyone was tuckered, so we didn’t even crack open the board games. Call us old and fuddy, but well fed and smiling.

Current music: Mogwai “Small Children in the Background”

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the kind of blackberry you save for last

Breakfast at the National Exemplar, Mariemont

We had my favorite hostess on Sunday. It wasn’t a coincidence.

She starts with a big ol hug and then serves a bloody mary and mimosa with a twinkle.

I got above average bacon and eggs with bluegerm (blueberry + wheatgerm?) pancakes.

But dang I wish I had gotten the Tropical French Toast (sans coconut). The fruit looked amazing. Particularly the mongo blackberry.

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vanilla frosty

One of these days I will make a new journal category: junk food

Is it possible to be better than the regular (chocolate) frosty?

The answer is no.

Unless you like the taste of ice milk.

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I was reticent to post this picture because it seemed so much like the third one down on this page from 2004. But it’s not every day the supermarket had sweet white corn in the husk.

I think I’ve finally learned how to cook it properly. For some reason I thought it took a while, but really 4 minutes in boiling water is plenty. I’m always prone to overcook all vegetables, but I’ve made remarkable leaps over the years.

On surfing for recipes, I’ve found a few I want to try: Cooking the ears with sugar and vinegar in the water, or slathering it with lime chive butter.

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mint cake

Looks close to Frisch’s hot fudge cake, but oh so much better

The Brown made a birthday cake: Two layers of cake surrounded a mint chocolate ice-cream middle, the whole thing glazed with a layer of thick chocolate.

It was dag good.

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Dinner Club: Frischs


fudge cake photo for k8

Enjoyed a Big Boy in Mariemont.

Some folks say Muh-ree-mont, some folks say Marrymont. I just know it’s where my mom grew up and they have an old Frischs “Mainliner.”

We haven’t gotten together for dinner club in months. This can largely be attributed to the holidays, folks planning (legal) marriages, some babies in the makin, and babies made.

We ate grease, caught up on life, and the state of television.

PhotosSome photos, mainly of the food

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Not the band

Dog-sitting in the “nice” part of town, I found my car rifled through overnight. I mentally swatted my knuckles for not locking the car doors, but in reality, I hoped the perpetrator(s) would have just taken every piece of junk I cart around in my aging sedan.

They even took a Rice Kripsie Treat saved from a camping trip last fall that I kept in my glove compartment.

A Rice Krispie Treat I kept there in case I would find myself stranded this past winter—caught in a some snowy gulch like that fella from Misery.

That option gone, I was still craving something sweet and headed over to the Hyde Park Kroger, only to find my favorite flavor of ice cream, ever.


Maybe I love it so much because it is so hard to find.

No, I’m not talking about the yellowy banana flavoring found in Steak and Shake shakes. Or that Ben & Jerry’s variety with chunks of chocolate and nuts begging for attention.

I’m talking plain banana.

And not only did I find a pint, but I found that it is locally made by Aglamesis Brothers with simple ingredients. It is fantastic.

They have a parlor in Oakley Square I must have driven past hundreds of times and never noticed. I’m making a point to stop by sometime this summer.

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Good with milk

So with my mom’s new kitchen in place, I went over for dinner the other night with a couple movies in tow. As we scratched our heads over Junebug, she snuck off to heat up some rhubarb.

A simple concoction, cutting the stalks into chunks and bringing them to boil in a skillet with about half an inch of water and a handful of sugar. Over biscuits, it ranks up there with one of my favorite things.

We continued our double feature watching The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio with happy stomachs.

And now, short oblique movie reviews…

Junebug — At one point a lady stands on her lawn with her hands on her hips in the most unattractive of ways. She’s just watching her neighbors. That pretty much sums it up.

The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio — I just realized Woody Harrelson’s first name is an adjective for his acting abilities. If his character wasn’t so lame, this might’ve been a great flick. As it stands, it’s a Lifetime movie with better production values.

Last Holiday — Though it was worth both dollars I paid for admission at the discount theater, this would have been much better with commercial breaks and homemade food.

Walk the Line — The only thing I could think of when watching this DVD was that Felicity Huffman was insanely better than Reese, which is sad, because this might’ve been a fine movie. I just didn’t see it.

Hustle & Flow — Not bad, but the ending sorta ruined it for me. I could post spoilers, but that’d be like remembering the name of the man who shot John Lennon.

Zathura — It was better than Jumanji, and that isn’t hard to do.

Corpse Bride — Pretty to look at, but found myself bored.

Crash — After hearing so many polarized opinions, I decided to watch Brokeback’s nemesis and see what it was all about. Though it falls into a predictable formula, I found it to have a lyrical quality that moved me. Then again, I can listen to Kelly Clarkson.

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Always tasty

I thought today was Monday.
I don’t have enough things checked on my to-do list.
In lieu of content, I’m posting picture of food.

Related to photo and currently in my bathroom:

Everything I Ate: A Year in the Life of My Mouth
By Tucker Shaw

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