Dancing in Yellow Springs

arms and legs

Dan I and visited a colleague and his wife up in Yellow Springs this weekend. They’re right around the three month marker as new parents.

Their son puts his whole hand in his mouth and drools a little. He’s also in the 97th percentile of tallness for his age so there is talk for a potential career in the NBA.

Somehow his parents manage to shop for groceries and combine these ingredients into a meal. It’s quite amazing really. This menu was a simple salad (lemon, garlic and olive oil dressing), arborio rice with mushrooms, local bison steaks on the grill, and a homemade lemon tart. I can still taste each course.

We went for a walk around Antioch College which is now officially closed. This would be entirely sad if it wasn’t for the local kids using the outdoor theater to plug in their amps and play music on a Saturday afternoon.

There was dancing.