justifying Nutella

for breakfast

Ingredients easily pronounced.

Adds European flair to start of day.

Tastes good on a bagel.

Adding sliced strawberries makes it seem healthy.

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5 responses to “justifying Nutella”

  1. ihart Avatar

    I, too, once thought Nutella for breakfast had to be justified – but then I moved to Paris, or as some know it, “Land of the Crêpe”. Over here, they throw Nutella at you as you step off the Métro. Seriously.
    Ok, not seriously – but it’s everywhere. All the time.

  2. communicatrix Avatar

    You _must_ eat Nutella for those of use who are no longer allowed to.
    My favorite way, pre-SCD: on a banana, like French Elvis.
    Or, in a pinch, off of my finger 🙂

  3. Rachel Avatar

    as far as i’m concerned, nutella needs no justification… it’s nutella!! hazelnutty cocoa goodness is enough for me. 😀

  4. Megan Avatar

    Nutella on freshly baked baguette de la boulangerie…c’est parfait.

  5. Sheldon Kotyk Avatar

    Nutella. We made the mistake of giving some to our toddlers. Now they refuse all other foods.