There are moments

I don’t believe this is lens distortion throwing curves, it’s just that our blinds are wonky

There are mere moments while gray light spreads across the morning sky, yet hasn’t enough power to shut off the sensor in the electric holiday candle.

We placed these decorations in the windows this weekend. There is no ecological justification, I’m sure. They’re probably as bad as an inflatable Santa on a motorcycle. But we did it anyway and in return we’ll set the thermostat extra low and wear thick socks to offset the energy consumed.

In bed this morning (procrastinating a trip to the bathroom) I made mental note to leave camera bedside sometime, hoping to catch this play of cool and warm light.

Then I realized if I didn’t do it right then, that very moment, I might not remember.

On the matter of time, today is my brother’s birthday. I owe him a howdy.