A trip to the mall

Using Elmo to bribe the boy to look at the camera

After OSU’s win (yay), I went to several box stores and the mall to torture myself trying to find something that only exists in my imagination: sea-foam colored ornaments for our Christmas tree. Because nothing goes better with football than shopping.

I believe a consortium controls the color schemes of holiday decor across most retail outlets. While this might make it easy to mix and match between stores, it doesn’t offer much diversity, or in my case: sea-foam.

I need to look off the beaten path or simply let it go and decorate with scarlet and silver gray.

Oh, the photo? I was carrying the point and shoot. To spice up the scene I tried some of that fancy fake “tilt-shift” effect. It looks more interesting un-cropped and bigger, I think. Not sold on the technique, but it was fun.

Current music: Patsy Cline “Faded Love”

6 responses to “A trip to the mall”

  1. Jon Avatar

    I love the photo. Upon first (and second and third) look, it looked like you were shooting miniatures!

  2. chuck Avatar

    i thought the same thing (miniatures) until i realized the people were real. cool!

  3. ed Avatar

    I love this photo and the effect looks great. Sea foam is not in style?

  4. Ben Avatar

    Martha Stewart usually has plenty of seafoam green christmas ornaments every year. As scary as it sounds, try Kmart!

  5. Chris Glass Avatar

    Not sure Ed, but I’m going to take Ben’s advice and check out K-mart!

  6. dmk Avatar

    Is a good photo. i like it. always been meaning to do some tilt/shift photoshop faking for quite some time. perhaps the new year will help me towards this.