our first trick or treaters

at our home

Pardon the photo, it’s from my little point and shoot and I wasn’t prepared and they were walking too fast, and and and…

The good part is that this family were the first trick or treaters at our house. The kids were all dressed up, the mom liked our yard sign, and Dan gave out a bunch of chocolates.

They turned out to be our only visitors this year, which left us with way too many leftover candies.

We’ve had lots of firsts over the months. First fire (in the fireplace), first plants (planted in the ground), first storm (with first loss of electricity for a week), first incident requiring a plunger, first lawnmowing and raking, and soon? Our first Christmas tree and first snow. Our first spring.

2 responses to “our first trick or treaters”

  1. Alma Avatar

    At least you had some trick or treaters than no one at all. 🙂

  2. chuck Avatar

    we are getting ready to follow in your footsteps! hopefully, we are closing on our house this coming friday.
    congrats on all your firsts! : )