on the tube

Apparently I’m unhappy because I watch TV, but I’m actually MORE unhappy when there is nothing good to watch on TV.

I decided to upgrade my XBOX account in order to get Netflix on demand but that turned out to be the single biggest entertainment let-down of my entire life. True.

But all is not bad. Case in point: The Rivalry on HBO gives an in-depth look at the history of football between Michigan and Ohio State.

Now I am a Buckeye by degree, but I only went to one football game in the entire four years of my education. We lost (thanks John Cooper), and on a sidenote: no one wanted to work those days and I was anti-establishment so I took up the extra hours.

After seeing this show (twice! Even taking a shoddy photo of the screen above), I have grown nostalgic for a spirit I never allowed.

I’ll now be rooting with newfound vigor.