the Japanese Maple says hello

Spring happens quick around here

In lieu of incessant pictures of budding plants, I’ve started a folder with images of the yard coming to life this year.

It’s been pretty dang enjoyable watching the seasons unfold around the house.

The only ding is the cherry tree. Not sure if it was the result of strong winds from the remnants of Hurricane Ike last year, or some other circumstance, but it is leaning something fierce. We have a tree person coming out this week to diagnose and advise.

Fingers crossed.

for the birds

a visitor in the back yard

Pardon the blur of this 2 second exposure, it was pitch black out there.

All you could hear was the munching from the patio.

The stale cereal was intended for the birds.

a new light

sprucing up the dining room

Though not the light I had my eye on, I think the proportions of this capiz fixture from West Elm suits our space nicely.

I secretly picked it up yesterday and Kyle came over to make it happen on the sly while Dan was at a performance.

It’s always a gamble making decisions like these alone, but we’d been looking long enough to know what we wanted. When Dan came home, he apparently saw the excited expression on my face before he turned the corner and caught his first glimpse. Verdict? A big enthusiastic yes.

(Thanks Kyle and helpers)


time for new ones

I thought things were getting blurry, and the optometrist agreed that my prescription could use an adjustment.

Thing is, I could either jump to bifocals or simply remove my glasses when using the computer — which is confusing, but works. (I’m nearsighted and my current lenses are making me focus too hard to accommodate things up close.)

I got new frames anyway because my current ones are all chipped and worn from years of use. To be extra fancy I’m getting clip on shades of which I’m suspect, but will take because they’re “free.”


The pencil holder

Not only have I been awful at updating my journal, I totally didn’t even realize it was Mardi Gras until I heard Obama’s first address to Congress. We’ve beignets in the cupboard just waiting to be made.

And another thing… I seem to forget the joy of using a pencil or a pen. I keep ’em tucked away at my desk way back in the spare bedroom.

While working at home yesterday I pulled the coffee can stocked with implements out to the dining room. I’ve half a mind to keep ’em there because not only does the can look nice, but it serves a purpose. I should have more tchotchkes that inspire creativity littered around the joint.

In other news, you might remember to click on images to zoom, but I’ve also been more diligent updating the daily album over there.


Like all photos this year, you can click to zoom

My friends’ daughter is learning about numbers in kindergarten—starting at one and working their way up.

Soon they’ll be hitting triple digits and to commemorate they’re having a 100 Party (on the 100th day of school).

So everybody has to bring in 100 of something.

Commence the gathering of all the Playmobil figures.

Man, I wanna go back to school.