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  • This is the old journal

    This is the old journal

    The new journal from 2009-present is here:

  • tip of the hat

    A few quick grabs from the laptop camera before the year rolls out Dan’s downtown sitting in with the Dayton Philharmonic tonight. He should be wrapping up well before midnight strikes. I just got back from the grocery store where I paid extra attention to food labels and even did a little menu planning for…

  • At an arcade on Christmas Day

    Mason, OH Woke up on the 25th and folded leftovers into omelets. As the day got on we avoided highways and drove south, meeting up with Dan’s sister and her family. They were staying at a lodge that had an indoor swimming pool. While A Christmas Story looped on the TV I sat too close…

  • a card for gift cards

    wrapping up the holiday There are a few moments left before this Christmas Day draws to a close, and I just wanted to give a virtual tip of the holiday hat to everyone.

  • Gathering around the warm and flickering television

    on Christmas Eve I had no idea that Rosemary Clooney sang both parts of the song “Sisters” on one of my favorite holiday movies, White Christmas.

  • The time when I didn’t wear flannel and a ballcap

    The latter half of Saturday See that boy in the front row with the red flannel pants with white writing? His name is Eddie and we share a birth day. (Should I mention his pants say ‘Got gas?’) For the last couple years I’ve been going to his party because his parents usually serve really…

  • Christmas on my birthday

    Santa Picks, from 1957 [ + zoom ] For all the joy of the holiday, there is an underlying reflective melancholy. I think Merlin captures this well as he writes about Judy Garland singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” He points out some great history in the lyric of that song. A fine read…

  • reindeer is not amused

    decor found at “The Greene” shopping center thing in Dayton Before another day goes by and I fail to update my journal.

  • Curve

    The bend before the Wyoming Exit #13 on I-75

  • it’s snowing

    These aren’t Christmas lights, they are year round decor [ View the whole photo ] If I was hankering for a project while the snow falls outside, I might experiment with this project to customize the shapes of bokeh. (The Flickr Blog has some fine examples) But there’s lots to do that I didn’t quite…