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  • cut and paste

    Trabant Today, a project went wrong. No, not a project, more an exploration. And it didn’t go terribly wrong—but simply—the idea looked better on screen than real life. There will be no pictures. Let’s just say competing plaids were involved and leave it at that. Instead, I’ll share this paper Trabant made between experimentation and […]

  • If I’m not here I might be there

    Something that will deserve its own slice on this chart in the near future: Home Improvements I like how Fish* puts ancillary links in his sidebar. I’m going to do that right here in case you ever wonder what I’m doing when I let my journal gather dust: + Recent activity on Twitter + Links […]

  • Nice sunset today

    Caption not required It was a good day that kicked off with an offer to jump into a match of Layer Tennis on Oct 19th with Naz. (thanks, Coudal) The rest of the day, though fine on all fronts (with some exceptions), it wasn’t quite this good of a day. (via) I came home and […]

  • I’m on TV talking like it’s just you and me

    La, la, la, la My bud tom sent me a clip to the alternative Kanye West video (pictured above) and I had to share: Zach Galifianakis stars in Kanye West’s “Cant Tell Me Nothing” – I should mention I quite like the song too. — MORE LINKS — Speaking of facial hair – this hand […]

  • Jolly’s

    Hamilton, Ohio [ + ] Took this single photo today leaving Goodwill. Next time I’m going in Jolly’s for the homemade root beer. I went in to the thrift store hoping to find a big mirror and walked out with 4 fewer bucks in the wallet and a feeling of accomplishment. Not often things pan […]

  • Furniture Blow-out Sale!

    It’s Friday, I’m having tea, sadly not this simple ginger tea Blow-out links to wrap up the snowless week: Grandaddy FTP – Music, videos, rarities. A fan of Grandaddy? Go. Long live the legacy. Digital SLR cameras: What to get, how to use them, examples, and more, much more – An amazing and thorough resource […]

  • snowmen, and links

    fancy light up ones at that [ + bigger, uncropped ] I haven’t posted links in a while Lenticulations – Animated 3D multiple lens photographs. Quite neato (via) Network Time Killers – Some well made flash games, I quite enjoy “Play 4” SketchFighter 4000 – Speaking of games, if you have a Mac and like […]

  • A picture of a window, and some links that open in new windows

    Downtown Cincinnati Hey Ya – Covered by Mat Weddle. WOW! Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. They coulda just left the camera on him tho… More music in the google video sidebar. (via) Flowers as type – Very beautiful. (via) PickleJuiceSport – Yum? No… Not yum at all. (via) Some Design ‘Blogs – If you are feeling overwhelmed […]

  • trucking

    Well, technically vantruckin June left us a while ago, meaning my stint as provider of supplemental links to Coudal is over. Of course, I did a sub-par job because everyone knows June is the worst month for web content. Things are looking up in July. Here’s a few things that caught my eye pulled from […]

  • backhoe loader

    Productive day, in the din of thunderstorms and construction Some recent surfing: Zoom zoom zoom – a quite nifty picture zoom thing (shockwave, via) Fast food calorie quiz – I guessed horribly. Tired of telling folks your WEP password? Recycle a painting. (via) Visual Harmony – translating the ideas of John Whitney, animating sound. (via)