Well, technically vantruckin

June left us a while ago, meaning my stint as provider of supplemental links to Coudal is over. Of course, I did a sub-par job because everyone knows June is the worst month for web content.

Things are looking up in July. Here’s a few things that caught my eye pulled from the delicious stream:

Rookwood brings in new artists – If you’re from Cincinnati, you might have some idea about the legacy of Rookwood Pottery. It’s been dormant for a while, but a revival is nigh. Oh yeah, Cincinnati is shrinking, fast.

A Collage a Day – Don’t feel down on the Nati, we have great talent like this nearby.

Laughing Yoga – Need a way to start your day, but not willing to contort anything but your smile lines? This video is for you (via)

Cliptip – MTV is poo, blah blah blah. This destination points out vids from the indy scene.

A picture of Velcro® really close up – Ahhh, so that’s how it works. (via)

Remaking Seurat – You know the Sunday in the park painting, now see a photographic interpretation. (via)

Grizzly Bear – Likes the Bears Gone Wild. So much they gave those fellas some music to share.

Limited Edition Candy – I love this stuff.

5 responses to “trucking”

  1. Yes Cramer, it is entirely reasonable to be proud of that.
    And awesome Dave! I want to get one myself (when I get a paycheck). I love those collages.