Well, technically vantruckin

June left us a while ago, meaning my stint as provider of supplemental links to Coudal is over. Of course, I did a sub-par job because everyone knows June is the worst month for web content.

Things are looking up in July. Here’s a few things that caught my eye pulled from the delicious stream:

Rookwood brings in new artists – If you’re from Cincinnati, you might have some idea about the legacy of Rookwood Pottery. It’s been dormant for a while, but a revival is nigh. Oh yeah, Cincinnati is shrinking, fast.

A Collage a Day – Don’t feel down on the Nati, we have great talent like this nearby.

Laughing Yoga – Need a way to start your day, but not willing to contort anything but your smile lines? This video is for you (via)

Cliptip – MTV is poo, blah blah blah. This destination points out vids from the indy scene.

A picture of Velcro┬« really close up – Ahhh, so that’s how it works. (via)

Remaking Seurat – You know the Sunday in the park painting, now see a photographic interpretation. (via)

Grizzly Bear – Likes the Bears Gone Wild. So much they gave those fellas some music to share.

Limited Edition Candy – I love this stuff.

5 responses to “trucking”

  1. A.J. Avatar

    the macro-velcro pic is gorge… but gotta love your keep on truckin’ pic even more !!

  2. Dave Avatar

    Thanks for the Collage a Day link, I bought one yesterday. Will write about it later, great stuff!

  3. cramer Avatar

    This is apropos of nothing… but I had to tell someone that might care.
    I was King of the Comments! Is it right to feel so excited about this?

  4. Chris Glass Avatar

    Yes Cramer, it is entirely reasonable to be proud of that.
    And awesome Dave! I want to get one myself (when I get a paycheck). I love those collages.

  5. Brian Gilham Avatar

    I was also impressed by Collage a Day…I just wish I could afford one.