It’s not the House of Cosbys I’m worried about

This image is for the geeks (or nerds)

Semi-related link: Coogi sweaters

Other fun tidbits to make the days (or nights) go by faster:

The Evolution of Dance reminds me a bit of that ZeFrank’s classic How to Dance Properly… but all that seems like baby steps to the video goodness that is The Show.

Keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on dancing all through the night.

Dirty never looked so good. (yes, it’s safe for work)

These are the best stickers ever to deface a stop sign with (via)

McDonalds gets a makeover and I just want the buns to be consistently soft and warm. (via)

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Half fish log, hot slaw, steak fries

No comment, instead, links:

Want to make a book but don’t have iPhoto? Blurb launched with its own desktop application for design.

The DS Lite arrives June 11th for $129 bucks
Related Nintendo links: (playable) Metroid cubed, couple trailers for New Super Mario Bros.

How to make a shot glass out of ice (via)

Climb along the top of a bridge in Cincinnati. It costs a mere 60 bucks and you get a photo. Me? I’d want to take my camera. (via)

5 Beard Championship photos on Yahoo.

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target flavored

Watched American Idol Karaoke last night.
I don’t get it.

Also streamed Loose Change, thinking, like hell I’ll sit through an hour-long movie online. Then hooks were deployed and this conspiracy theory rich movie about 9/11 really made me wonder. (debunking ensues)

More reason to think Colbert has stones, and a fine t-shirt to commemorate the roast only bloggers talk about.

In related and hopeful news, maybe they’ll make a Gay Merit Badge for blogging one day (thanks AJ)

Badges got nothing on this average homeboy. Once you hear his audio demo, you’ll just be blazed.


In other news, days spent scrambling, lots of work to do, pictures taken, will fill in the blanks later.

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retro vertigo

Daddy mack’ll make you jump

It’s official. Volkswagen has stopped selling cars named after a rich white man’s sport and reverted to a nameplate with a long-eared, short-tailed, burrowing mammal of the family Leporidae.

And other links:

Oxfam Unwrapped — Buy a cow, or plant 25 trees, or teach a class for one month. These are a few gifts available you can send to communities in need. Beautiful concept and site. (via)

dot old — already seen a link before (via) — lens rental for you SLR nerds. (via)

Angela Moll Art Quilts — The pages of her secret diaries are actual journal entries screen printed on fabric. (via)

More links here

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in stitches

I can hear Dan Akroyd doing his best Julia Child,
“Oh now I’ve done it, I’ve cut the dickens out of my finger”

After 3 hours waiting in the ER and then staring up at this drop ceiling, I am 7 stitches stronger and typing really slow after a mishap with a (brittle) drinking glass in sudsy dishwater.

And on my special hand no less.

PhotosThe aftermath, for those that don’t faint at the sight of stitchesreally

How about some links for levity?

Patently Silly — The humor of invention (via)

Steven Harrington — makes beautiful prints (via)

Chinese Restaurant Sign Generator — Like the church one, but different

The Troubled History of Beards — Today, pogonotrophy is normally accepted in society; but in the past, growing a beard could cause quite a few problems. (via)

You Seem Interesting — I will add you to my friends (via)

The Other Family — The Family Circus gone utterly over the top tasteless(via)

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Steak ’n Shake is sinking

and random links

Me & My Katamari — Finally, the PSP gets ONE good game.

Nintendo DS Lite — Cabel’s video review is simply fantastic.

I kinda like the new Office Look — but I don’t know if I’d like to actually USE it. I’m thinking the removal of traditional “menus” might be hard for folks to swallow. I prefer Text Edit.

Emotions flare over same-sex marriage — I’m still hoping for reasonable health care prices, but this quote is priceless, “Senator, when you took your oath of office, you placed your hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. You did not place your hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible.” (via)

Ohio candidate for U.S. Senate wants gays dead — Sad.

Dark portrait of the painter of light — Another reason to love Bob Ross, may he rest in peace.

DQ Issue 3 – An excellent collaborative illustration thing. (via)

Niagara — a narrated photo essay by Alec Sloth. I very much want to so something like this. (via)

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postbear and links

postgaycowboy is next

And now some links, or a shorter way to say, “aren’t you glad I’m not sending this crap to you in an email?”

Live webcam of the place Brokeback Mountain was filmed — It’s gallery 6, “Three Sisters” (timelapse videos too)

Sing along with Willie — follow the bouncing dot for the gay cowboy song. (Flash, and not really worth the click)

Where I bought the t-shirt — And I must admit it is of excellent quality. Not sure if they’re still for sale, but worth a shot (maybe he’ll make more!)

Wiki defines bear — I never heard the term “pocket protector” before (in this context).

More random:

Let Them Sing it for You – Type in (simple) words and the magic of computers will piece together a song from other songs for you. (via)

Code Orange: The Slaves of Christo — Chronicle of two students who lived to tell about working on The Gates.

History of New York Egg Cream — I have yet to have one, but I know just where to go.

They Might Be Giants — are writing a song for every venue they’re playin on their tour.

1,300 cereal boxes — I’m still looking around for the Halfsies. (via)

We Heart Gocco — The Wurst Gallery has another fine exhibition. (via my favorite sites)

This is not my beautiful house

and I should be in bed but here are some links

Three Wise Monkeys – A collection of games, activities and teaching ideas by language teachers in Japan (great for my friends who host playgroups when they’re kids get older)

Cliche finder – Search for “say” –> it goes without saying, needless to say, love is never having to say you’re sorry.

Project Runway Barbie auction – Bid all you want, just don’t say I look like Santino

Patterns in Interaction Design – a compendium of sites not just of interest to web designers, but for people who need a website or are thinking about starting one. (via)


Maya Angelou at UC tonight – 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8, in Fifth Third Arena at Shoemaker Center (it’s free)

Robert Pollard – This Saturday at the Southgate House in Newport.

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