A picture of a window, and some links that open in new windows

Downtown Cincinnati

Hey Ya – Covered by Mat Weddle. WOW! Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. They coulda just left the camera on him tho… More music in the google video sidebar. (via)

Flowers as type – Very beautiful. (via)

PickleJuiceSport – Yum? No… Not yum at all. (via)

Some Design ‘Blogs – If you are feeling overwhelmed that there’s just too much neat/cool “stuff,” don’t go here. Otherwise, enjoy. (via)


  1. That Mat Weddle video is incredible. Not only is he brilliant, but it also highlights what a fantastic song Hey Ya is in the first place. For me, the best pop song in recent years.

  2. When I first saw that window image I thought it looked strange and off balance. It still looks off balance but, it looks better here than in my LJ, mostly because of the background colour I have chosen for it. It clashes badly with that yellow.

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