Nice sunset today

Caption not required

It was a good day that kicked off with an offer to jump into a match of Layer Tennis on Oct 19th with Naz. (thanks, Coudal)

The rest of the day, though fine on all fronts (with some exceptions), it wasn’t quite this good of a day. (via)

I came home and paused good and long over a post from my friend Jim. Which reminded me we need to work with our exceptions and find the exceptional.

I won’t linger on the sweet or bitter, but instead share this video of babies eating lemons, and thank Rachel for sharing it.

In the queue: Pack for Chicago, pay rent, find a house so I can stop paying rent , get a tooth fixed, direct some Flash development, donate pants that don’t fit, find new pants that do fit, write about meeting Merlin Mann for the first time, buy a cast iron skillet to cook the meat in the freezer, and get a haircut.

Current music: Akron/Family “Love, Love, Love (Everyone)

2 responses to “Nice sunset today”

  1. T Town Tommy Avatar

    Sounds like a very busy day! Like the colors in this photo.
    Peace Out,

  2. Rachel Avatar

    my favorite is the asian baby at ~0:19.
    oh, who am i kidding, they’re all my favorite.
    (they’ve got some mean parents though.)
    so are we going to hang out this weekend or what? i’ll bring the lemons if you bring the babies!