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Word Spy

While looking up ‘google bombing’ to find a short explanation this evening, I ran across this site called The Word Spy. It’s like a more exploratory UrbanDictionary, without all the flaming junk.

Of course, it has tired lingo like bling-bling and blog. Along with even more tired metrosexual, retrosexual, pomosexual, and technosexual, post-gay and hasbian.

But there are a few gems in there, like:

rurban adj. Combining aspects of both rural and urban or suburban life.

meanderthal n. A person who walks particularly slowly and aimlessly.

SUV Democrat noun. A politician (particularly one who is a member of the U.S. Democratic Party) who talks about energy conservation but who owns and drives a fuel-inefficient sport utility vehicle.

Of related interest, Lake Superior State University published their banished words list for 2005 not too long ago. No more ‘izzle’ speak folks, or carbs.

In other news, I spoke with my friend from New Year’s Eve who played a voicemail left by his wife and myself from the very scene of the crime where my camera was lost. That was fun. I should probably look up the etymology for three sheets to the wind.

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Nature’s Anthem

Again! Again!

How to entertain old and young alike on a Saturday evening:

Download the Grandaddy video for Nature’s Anthem.

Loop it full-screen.

Repeat until you absolutley go crazy.

I want to walk up the side of the mountain,
I want to walk down the other side of the mountain.
I want to swim in in the river and lie in the sun,
I want to try to be nice to everyone.

The gospel of Mary Tyler Moore

From a Newsweek clipping on my fridge

Quotes are like horoscopes. You twist them into truths if they suit you.

I was thinking about quotes a while back and decided to research some of my favorites. So I googled and collected, pulling what I liked out of generally noisy pages. Now I have a framework for saving the ones I like. By no means exhaustive, here they are. I tend to go for comedians.

A quiz I may want to refer to later…

Hartford, Connecticut
Portland, Oregon
Providence, Rhode Island
New Haven, Connecticut
Worcester, Massachusetts
Charleston, West Virginia
Eugene, Oregon
Baltimore, Maryland
Frederick, Maryland
Corvallis, Oregon
Danbury, Connecticut
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Salem, Oregon
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Boston, Massachusetts
Las Vegas, Nevada
Medford, Oregon
Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
Madison, Wisconsin
Little Rock, Arkansas
Carson City, Nevada
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Bend, Oregon
Chicago, Illinois
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Stupid Creatures

That is, if stupid means really effin great

So my friend Tom was all like, “These stupid creatures are great. You send in your socks to this dude and he makes a stuffed monster out of it. And it’s like cool.”

And I was thinking, yeah, whatever. Socks are good for two things: keeping your feet warm and monkeys.

But Tom, he wouldn’t stop yappin about these Stupid Creatures. So I went over to his house to pick up some stuff he stole from me, and I saw a box of them he had made (with new, but funky cool striped socks) for Christmas presents.

I was bowled over. The attention to detail on these things and craftsmanship is superb. They are weird and wonderful.

The best part is, this fella makes these out of his house and quit his day job. He even has an assistant. This is very much what I’d consider a dream job. (Not the part about the socks, the part about having a cool idea and running with it)

Now I just need a Stupid Idea.

Anyways, I’ve done my bit for viral marketing today.

Note: This entry is locked because Tom’s friends stalk me and they might be getting one of these neato things for Christmas.