If I’m not here I might be there

Something that will deserve its own slice on this chart in the near future: Home Improvements

I like how Fish* puts ancillary links in his sidebar. I’m going to do that right here in case you ever wonder what I’m doing when I let my journal gather dust:

+ Recent activity on Twitter
+ Links on Delicious
+ Photos on Flickr
+ Images I like on ffffound
+ Videos on Vimeo
+ Random stuff on Tumblr
+ All these things wrapped up in one place at FriendFeed

Why all these sites? Each are tools that do different things, and do them relatively well. (Though I’m giving ‘Delicious’ the stink eye right now.) There is some overlap, but I like the compartments for now. Soon an enterprising company will bring these services all together in an extendable, online suite with questionable social hooks. You might say Tumblr already does this but I would beg for more features.

Until that day, we can try to figure out how to best present all this information in some neat visual package. I know I’m still trying to get my head wrapped these streams of content I make, and content I like. (I’ll save the debate as to WHY anyone would want to share all this data for the sociologists and marketing department.)

So there I am, and there with bits of me there and there. Eventually I’ll find a permanent home for these places, but until then I’ll enjoy not committing anything until fully vetted.

Oh, and If you caught it on Twitter, you’d already know that the counter-offer for a house was accepted yesterday.


* I know two men nicknamed Fish. One virtually, one I’ve hugged.

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5 responses to “If I’m not here I might be there”

  1. Jason B. Avatar

    Ah, but what about Last.fm Mr. Glass? What about Last.fm?
    Are you enjoying FriendFeed? I signed up right away but almost as immediately lost interest in it.
    Great chart, btw.

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    I’m idiobot on Last.fm but I don’t like the data it captures as it doesn’t represent my lengthy and prudent commute.
    And as for that chart Jason, it’s a feature of FriendFeed. It’s buried somewhere in there.

  3. Nick Hall Avatar

    Chris, I didn’t realize you had these other profiles. I’ll have to subscribe to the Tumblr feed. What do you think about FFFFOUND!? Looks interesting but invite only.

  4. fredo Avatar

    At least you’re not on facebook…

  5. longlunch Avatar

    great, great post.