bad circulation

Holiday decor

Can’t decide if it’s the weather or my age, but the length of time it takes for my legs fall asleep while sitting on the toilet gets shorter and shorter each day.

Oh and that cold from two weeks back? It lingers with a cough that’s particularly excitable whenever I try to lay horizontally, which is inopportune.

In other news, got my car outta the garage yesterday and that means reuniting with my camera. Two and a half days without seemed like an eternity.

I rode in the passenger seat as we went to the t-shirt distributor to pick up shirts, and I snapped images left and right. None turned out nice, or pretty, but they are here:

PhotosRandom photos from the gray day. Most centered. Quite possibly painful with detail and light.

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I’m trusting my gut to turn the car around and take photos more often. Now to get the gumption and use that same instinct on humans.

Today there was either drizzle or steady rain.

There was also an outage at Yahoo stores which means broken shopping experiences. So if you tried to get something at Wire & Twine and failed, it should be working now.

(insert frustration)

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Today’s fun google image search? Holiday sweaters

Got up on schedule, with daylight savings shift this now means “on time.”

Drove home in darkness, stopping by the grocery store for a diminutive whole cooked chicken.

Avoided the ground beef, but took a picture.

Halloween 75% off.

Seasonal aisle updated.

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Good grief

Hamilton, OH [ + zoom ]

No trick-or-treaters in the apt. complex, but I did manage to snag the image above with the pocket camera while sitting in backed-up traffic.

Originally tried to use the big camera, but the battery was dead. Let me tell you about the 20D—I seldom use the flash, and charge the battery about every 3 weeks. I wish all electronic devices were so laid back about sipping electricity.

In other news:

Watched The Great Pumpkin last night. Hearing Lucy say “good grief” never gets old.

Today we put a calendar on the wall at work, that nice gal behind the bar at J. Alexanders knows I will order veggie burgers, I have a hole in my sock, and need to burn some midnight oil.

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my normal pose while at the computer

So I’m looking at a video I uploaded to try out Vimeo’s new HD capabilities, and I can’t stop looking at how crooked my beard is.

See for yourself. (mind you, the video is senseless, but kudos to the Vimeo team on the quality)

Then I just realized, it’s my own dang fault.

I need to become mouse ambidextrous and alternate which hand I rest my chin in.

When I’ve tackled that, I’ll learn how to end sentences without prepositions.

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It only looked gloomy

yesterday, it rained

I’m hoping the rain helps the trees hold on to their leaves (and change into pretty colors), instead of just dropping them to the ground in a fit of dried-out exasperation.

In self news, my desire to maintain a set schedule wasn’t so successful this week.

I’ve decided to point fingers and blame the internet.

Despite the overall lack of coloring within the lines of time management, it’s been a productive week. But I am dedicating tomorrow to physical endeavors around the studio.

That means organizing things into piles, and hopefully checking off a reprint to replenish stock for the store. We set out a goal to reprint one shirt a week, and while that sounds easy enough, it’s much easier to push it to next week.

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Same day service

Star Cleaners — Hamilton, Ohio

Same day service…. I can’t say the same about my posting these days. Though pictures are piling up in virtual corners, by the time I get home I tend to be wiped.

I even watched a movie last night without opening my laptop. That doesn’t mean the flick required my full attention (it was The Departed, and though it was long in the tooth, it was much better than say, Chariots of Fire).

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Sitting on the floor in the hallway are just a few of the things that are supposed to be on the walls, but are not.

A decoupage project from 2003, a Boy Scout “Be Prepared” wooden lid, a Smokey the Bear reproduction metal sign, and a poster about bees in french.

I’m wondering if I had a set of those Hercules Hooks that Billy Mays shouts about on the TV would do the trick. My luck with drywall is spotty at best. [ Fair warning: the aforelinked page kicks off with a flash video and Billy’s boisterous pitch. Oh for the days when websites were silent ]

In other news, I’m having a heckuva time with a revolving to-do list. I think a haircut would help out with an easy check-off.

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rampin up

Today I bought new registration stickers for my car.

Even though they expired in June, I was under the 90 day grace period. There was no line to wait in. I was shocked—as was the lady behind the counter that I hadn’t gotten a ticket.

I caught this picture while admiring the flowers outside an office building.

Going up the elevator a fella asked me if I was a photographer.

“No,” I said. “I just take a picture every day for fun.”

We talked about the new Sony branded dSLR and he seemed genuinely jazzed about getting behind a lens. Cool.

Later I watched the (parts of) the video music awards on MTV and loathed most every moment of it. Again. Feeling bad about the state of music, tv, culture, and videos—that was, until I switched over to The Office and all was better.

To combat the MTV malaise, I have resolve to stuff my chest with bouncy things and shoot them in slow motion set to a generic beat.

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Back on the chain gang

Two references to the Pretenders in about a week!
Though it made more sense than a White Stripes nod (insert rimshot)

I’m driving north, heading out of the city.

The transitions are concise: gritty concrete landscape with old storefronts converted to cell phone joints with brands unfamiliar, check cashing places, dollar stores and then – a curve or a dip in the road.

Then you have the strip malls that are still operational with the Radio Shacks and chinese food. The dilapidated grocery stores and clusters of fast food drive-thrus. The Blockbusters all covered in gaudy window stickers to disguise poor interior space planning.

An underpass.

Construction for a new super Wal-Mart is poised to be visible from the highway. A mall that looks semi-deserted from the outside surely has space for lease on the inside. The fast food joints without drive-thrus take over newly constructed strip malls— the Chipotles and Paneras. They share space with brand name mobile phone carriers and GameStops, IHOPs.

Home Depot marks the edge. The transition to greenery. Fluorescent signs for lobster bakes and local festivals.

And then I saw the temporary road sign that said, “CHAIN GANG AHEAD.”

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