my normal pose while at the computer

So I’m looking at a video I uploaded to try out Vimeo’s new HD capabilities, and I can’t stop looking at how crooked my beard is.

See for yourself. (mind you, the video is senseless, but kudos to the Vimeo team on the quality)

Then I just realized, it’s my own dang fault.

I need to become mouse ambidextrous and alternate which hand I rest my chin in.

When I’ve tackled that, I’ll learn how to end sentences without prepositions.

Current music: St. Vincent “Now Now”

3 responses to “crooked”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    hey, i never noticed that you have a category called ‘HoHum’ before!

  2. Jeff Avatar

    Okay, you’ve convinced me. I’m going to use Vimeo for my video uploads in the future. YouTube has such poor quality.

  3. Chris Avatar

    I should mention Rachel, the hohum is about the beard, but technically this post should be about he marvel of Vimeo quality and be in the “technology” category.
    And yes Jeff, get on it!