rampin up

Today I bought new registration stickers for my car.

Even though they expired in June, I was under the 90 day grace period. There was no line to wait in. I was shocked—as was the lady behind the counter that I hadn’t gotten a ticket.

I caught this picture while admiring the flowers outside an office building.

Going up the elevator a fella asked me if I was a photographer.

“No,” I said. “I just take a picture every day for fun.”

We talked about the new Sony branded dSLR and he seemed genuinely jazzed about getting behind a lens. Cool.

Later I watched the (parts of) the video music awards on MTV and loathed most every moment of it. Again. Feeling bad about the state of music, tv, culture, and videos—that was, until I switched over to The Office and all was better.

To combat the MTV malaise, I have resolve to stuff my chest with bouncy things and shoot them in slow motion set to a generic beat.