Back on the chain gang

Two references to the Pretenders in about a week!
Though it made more sense than a White Stripes nod (insert rimshot)

I’m driving north, heading out of the city.

The transitions are concise: gritty concrete landscape with old storefronts converted to cell phone joints with brands unfamiliar, check cashing places, dollar stores and then – a curve or a dip in the road.

Then you have the strip malls that are still operational with the Radio Shacks and chinese food. The dilapidated grocery stores and clusters of fast food drive-thrus. The Blockbusters all covered in gaudy window stickers to disguise poor interior space planning.

An underpass.

Construction for a new super Wal-Mart is poised to be visible from the highway. A mall that looks semi-deserted from the outside surely has space for lease on the inside. The fast food joints without drive-thrus take over newly constructed strip malls— the Chipotles and Paneras. They share space with brand name mobile phone carriers and GameStops, IHOPs.

Home Depot marks the edge. The transition to greenery. Fluorescent signs for lobster bakes and local festivals.

And then I saw the temporary road sign that said, “CHAIN GANG AHEAD.”

2 responses to “Back on the chain gang”

  1. Brian Gilham Avatar

    A chain gang? I didn’t think they sitll used them. Guess you learn something new every day.

  2. Thomas Avatar

    Thats not something u see everyday. Good post.