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  • Teeth

    Trubyte Bioform Shades I have no idea, but I thought these were too neat to disregard. In other news, the days are packed, absolutely packed with stuff, be it meetings or work or eating. Not enough chill time, not enough sleep, but lots logs on the fire. Current music: T.I. “Whatever You Like”

  • No shoes with wheels

    Shirts were optional No, I don't just wander around and shop every day. I was trying to get some supplies for the studio and I thought I could simply get them at the local Hobby Lobby. I was wrong.

  • a curio of cups

    Sunshine Café, Yellow Springs Random thoughts I did not utter, peep or tweet: Too lazy to plug in memory card, hence the week-old fuzzy mobile phone photo above. We didn’t actually eat at this joint with the coffee cup collection because (insert long story). As I get older, the desire to keep hitting refresh on […]

  • poster behind glass with doorway reflected

    It’s Friday, that’s all I got

  • I is for Insomnia

    lens distortion adds tension to this old checkerboard for kids Maybe it was those fresh baked cookies at midnight, but I’m up and I should be back in bed. (insert shaking fist at 5am) If it was later or earlier, I’d sneak out to my car and get my camera for a real image from […]

  • Targeted

    Left: Taking a picture of myself on security camera [ +zoom ] Right: The beginning of swimsuit season [ +zoom ] Dan and I ventured out yesterday for breakfast, and wandered around looking for houses, again. It’s getting really old but we hope to be settled in time to put an election sign in our […]

  • Enough of this wintry mix

    Yesterday, at the ol’ feed store — Oxford, OH I suppose technically you could call what is on the ground snow, with a layer of crud ice on top. I was so prepared for an epic The-Shining-type blizzard. It was bad enough to stay off the roads. In work-from-home news, for a moment I thought it […]

  • the trees outside the movie theater

    West Chester, OH [ +zoom ] Since my car was still in Dayton after the Atlanta trip, my mom offered to drive me back to a midpoint where Dan would pick me up. The Rave Theater is that point on the map. I like this place because they have pretty lights and big screens. I […]

  • by candlelight

    Candles (L), their shadows on the ceiling (R) I wouldn’t say the winds were howling, but they were making instruments of the trees and buildings last night. Right before bed, all the electrical things dimmed, repeatedly—then went out, decidedly. We lit all the candles set around the place, and located a bag of tealights to […]

  • Kinda gross out

    View from the back window The pretty snow from this week is getting beaten into the ground by rain. Not much else going on this Saturday. Dan’s down for two shows in Cincinnati and I left my wallet at the studio. This prevents me from buying things, which is fine. On a day like this, […]